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It’s not about football.

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If you really cared about School Safety, you would protect our Children better than politicians, celebrities, courts, and money. Our 6 Point Plan does just that.

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Why Most Gun Control Advocates Don’t Get It

To the high schoolers, liberal arts college grads, unmarried, childless, government dependent, emostionalistic, brainwashed, ignorant and self righteous gun controler/grabber voter

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It’s Almost Time to Really Think About It

With all the talk about repealing the 2nd Amendment, have you thought about what your going to do?

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POTR, Hypocrites?

Understanding the co-existence of freedom and disagreement.

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Stop Bowing To Cowards!

  If you rephrase yourself to use words that are more “politically correct” or shut up after someone calls you a racist bigot for no real reason… You are kissing the feet of cowards.

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