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Facebook Content Policy

Have you read over Facebook’s Content Policy and their justifications for cherry picking who to censor and how to allow to speak?  Here are some snip-its that show how vague and broad these policies are, purposefully and only 8 seconds to prove how facebook is bias

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The New Form Of American HATE

There is a new kind of HATE that is acceptable in American culture.   It is not strictly race or religion based but ideological.  If you subscribe to a particular ideology, it is acceptable in the culture to be hateful towards you- more like Culturally Approved Hypocrisy and Hate.  To PROVE this, I just need to cite a couple of real

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Californians Are Tools

Its mind-blowing to see all the laws that California is passing.  Kinda expected.  But what is MORE mind-blowing is how no one over there is really doing anything about it.  They have become one of the largest Mommy-Daddy state; where they direct the choices of their peon citizens in all kinds of aspects of life.  Every city in Californian just

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