Monthly Archives: May 2020

Get To Know Joe Biden

Think you know this guy?  Well, let’s dig into who he is, what he has said, and what he has done for America.

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The Problem is The Police

This is going to be a tough pill to swallow for the diehard “Thin Blue Line” crowd.  But, it either exposes their blind sheep-like mentality or their willingness to understand a serious issue going on nation wide.  What is the problem?  The Police, nation wide, are so willing to violate the rights of all Americans.  4 problems with the majority

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The Constitutionality and Ethical Issues of ‘Stay-at-Home’ Orders

Emotions aside, we examine the recent “Stay at Home” orders issued by Governors and county Judges nation wide.  Do they even have the power to order you to do so?  Are they constitutional?  Are they even ethical and moral? 

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