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Is America a Republic, or a Democracy, or Neither?

Well, a lot has changed over the past year. Hell, a lot has changed over the past 10 years! So, with all the changes and events that have taken place, what governing system is America now? Well, first we need to look at what defines the different systems and compare that to what has been happening in America today. What

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Too Comfortable to Leave FB? Fine, But Do These Things:

Hey, if you want to continue to use a service that violates people’s rights (kinda like Jim Crow Laws, but for the digital age, and ideology instead of race), than that’s on you. Since you don’t think violating people’s rights on the internet isn’t a big enough deal to act, then, at least, at a minimum, take SOME sort of

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FOLLOW US TO FREEDOM: Get Off Facebook, Stop Tweeting

So, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter are coming down hard on free speech. They are enacting some real authoritarian, anti-freedom measures, and the government won’t be doing anything about it. So, what that said: Connect at THESE MORE Free sites, and follow us. Use tiny url to conceal links. Steemit @Potr1774

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The Founding Fathers Did “Worse” And More “Violence”

WTF is wrong with the “patriots” of today?! “Follow the rule of law” oh ya? Like all the laws that oppress? Did the Patriots of the Revolutionary War follow the rule of law?! Did the founders of America follow their current rule of law?! “Condemn these acts of violence” oh ya? Like the violent acts of our Founding Fathers, you

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