Accused of being Republican?

If you think by being anti-socialist, anti-big government, pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-freedom of religion; we are then Republican by default, you are blind to your collectivist indoctrination.  We are not loyal to one party, or even a two party system.  Our loyalty is to life and freedom, and whomever advocates for these the best, no matter what political party they are a member of.  Mind blowing, hu.  Its hard to imagine not voting roboticily like an ignorant slave.

Loyalty to a single party has become a religion of its own.  It has become so bad that most collectivist even believe that if you do not vote for their party, your are simply a racists.  As if you are a lost soul and in need of salvation by converting to THEIR party; and that THEIR party is the most righteous and needs to make America born again through expanded government programs and climate change policies.  That their party leader is the savior of America.  That is essentially the Gospel of The Democrat Party.

And then there are Republicans.  Who like to “claim” to be ‘fiscally conservative’ but in reality are far from it.  Just look at the national debt under The Bushs’ and now Trump.  Doesn’t look very good.  Keep in mind, under Bush, Republicans controlled both House and Senate… and STILL didn’t do anything about the national debt.  They also like to claim to be for small government, but in reality aren’t.  They controlled the House when Obamacare was passed; and the 109th Congress was ALL republican control, President, House and Senate… yet, nothing changed.  Then they claim to be pro-2nd Amendment and Pro-life but, don’t really do anything serious about them either.  Maybe a small ineffective bill here and there but nothing to greatly impact anything.  Hell, even the NRA, who lately are failing to act on any kind of 2nd Amendment legislation, are extremely pro Republican.

Not buying into the propaganda of Democrats does not make people Republicans.  Being Pro-Life does not make people Republican.   But believing that, because you are a certain race, you must always vote for a certain party… makes you a mental slave.  Assuming that people are part of a certain party because they hold certain beliefs still makes you a mental political slave.

Its quite simple and its not rocket science to the free thinkers:

If ANY politician fights for LIFE and FREEDOM for ALL Americans… no matter the party; THEY deserve our vote.

We are loyal to the lives and freedoms of Americans… not political parties.

But, as a side note, its not our fault, on average, democrats are getting more illogical, irrational, immoral, and oppressive toward freedom…

One thing we will never be, is a mental slave.  “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Oh but you help evil politicians get elected”  STFU.  They get elected because a lot of OTHER moronic slaves vote for them.  Our principles remain intact and our conscience is clear.  We remain mentally free.  Blame the people who voted for the evil politician.

Also, stop calling America a democracy you ignorant dumbass.  America is a Constitutional Republic.  Know the difference and get educated.

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