Accused of being Right-Wing?

If your not pro-big government, not pro-abortion, and against all these government social welfare programs, odds are you have been labeled a “right-winger.”  But what the hell is “righ-wing” in the first place?

Simply put, it is liberal ideologies on one side, the left, and the conservative ideologies on the right.   What is odd is that “the right,” or conservatives, is always commonly associated with Nazism.  This association is actually contradictory to actual conservatives.   How so?

Conservatism is for small government, deregulation, free market solutions, and individual rights.  Liberalism is for big government regulations for government solutions and collective rights.  With this in mind, lets take a look at what actual Nazism is.


Dictionary result for Nazism

  1. historical
    the political principles of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.
    extreme racist or authoritarian views or behavior.


There are two key elements within what defines Nazism.  First, they came out of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  The first problem with associating conservatism with Nazism, is that small government, non-authoritarian, could never come out of a socialist party.   True conservatism is not compatible with socialist ideals in the first place.  Socialism is for a bigger, stronger, government to protect the rights of the collective.  True conservatism can not be a party with an ideal that advocates for a government focus authority and power.  Any system that leans toward totalitarianism, is incompatible to true conservatism.

The second element is that it holds an authoritarian view.  Conservatism is for free market solutions and individualism.  Thus, by its own definition, can not be authoritarian.  Each individual entity in the free market has their own authority in their own realm and not in a realm of any one else.  The individualism, part of conservationism, is similar to the free market, except on an individual person scale.  Where each individual is the sole authority over their own rights and possessions and NOT over another persons’.  This is where Nazism and Socialism are incompatible to Conservatism.

If you really think about it, socialism is more authoritarian than conservatism.  Socialist believe that the government should have the power and authority over the collective people and their possessions to enforce equality and equal rights.  This places the state as the power broker.  Conservatism places the power in the individuals hands and not in a collective of persons or factions to impose on other persons.

As history has taught us about Nazism, there is a third element contained in it.  It is the belief in a superior race, hence, a racism element.  But, conservatism is the belief that each individual is only superior to himself and that no one is more or less superior to him.  Kinda hard to be racist when you are only superior to yourself.  But considering what conservatism actually fights for is most revealing:

When WE fight for and defend African American LGBTQ persons to open carry at their same-sex wedding, that is untaxed, on a property that can never be taken away… are we really “right wing?”

When WE fight for and defend the lives of African American unborn persons in the womb and their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, while truly chanting Black Lives Matter… are we really “right-wing?”

When WE fight for and defend Muslim American’s right to the freedom of their religion, freedom of  their speech, and freedom to assemble peacefully, are we really “right-wing?”

See, when it comes to LIFE and FREEDOM for ALL, it transcends the left and right ideologies.  Grouping us in the category of “right-winger” is just collectivism and identity politics that some people are mentally enslaved to.  Some people are institutionalized to think that there are only two ends of a ideological spectrum, left and right.  WE are mentally FREE from the trap of collectivism and identity politics.   We are free to see the world in the lens of LIFE and FREEDOM, no matter the race, ethnic origin, culture, gender, religion, and any other socially constructed identities people want to apply to themselves.  Frankly, we place LIFE and FREEDOM over socially constructed identities.

Calling us “right-wing” just reveals how ignorant and enslaved you really are.  It also reveals how you are not really for equality and human rights either.  Because if you were for equality and human rights, you would be for the LIFE and FREEDOMS of all Americans… even those pesky “right-wingers” you clearly hypocritically hate.

If you think we are “right-wing,” you are, in fact, a mental slave to the collectivist system.

It is hard to even call us complete conservatives.


Dictionary result for conservatism

  1. commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation.
    “proponents of theological conservatism”
  2. the holding of political views that favor free enterprise, private ownership, and socially conservative ideas.

We clearly don’t hold to what some may find to be “traditional” values, given the examples of what and who we fight for above.  Clearly, this also shows that we do not have an opposition to change, in fact, we oppose only that which impedes on LIFE and FREEDOM.  Yes, we advocate for free enterprise, private ownership, but, again, not always adhere to “socially conservative ideas” or what ever those may be.  We only partly fall under “conservatism”.  So lets look at liberalism then.


Dictionary result for liberalism

  1. the holding of liberal views.
    “one of the basic tenets of liberalism is tolerance”

Just want to point out that most modern “liberals” don’t even agree with liberalism anymore.  They are the least tolerant people we have ever had to deal with.  But that’s besides the point.  This definition sucks.  What the hell are “liberal views?”  So we looked up this one:


Dictionary result for liberal

  1. open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.
    “they have more liberal views toward marriage and divorce than some people”

Here we go.  So, in this sense, we may, in fact, be considered liberal.  We are “open to new behavior and opinions” as so long as they promote LIFE and FREEDOM.  We are “willing to discard traditional values” if they oppose LIFE and FREEDOM.  So, ya, in this sense, we are liberal, by definition.

So with a mix of conservatism and liberalism, how are we “right-wingers?”  If you still believe we are “right-wingers” now is the best time to admit that you are indoctrinated and mentally enslaved.  We have expressed what we stand for and provided actual definitions of ideals.  There really is no other way to establish facts than this.  Sounds more like you need to read a book and learn to code 😉

Accused of being Republican?

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