Bank of Unamerica

bank of amThe banking giant, Bank of America, has decided to not do business with companies who are built off the 2nd Amendment.

Yes it is their right as a ‘private’ business (who benefit off government securities) to refuse business from (or discriminate against) people who are exorcising their constitutional rights.

The CEOs, boards, and all those who determine the policies love the freedom to make money but… Dont love your constitutional right to make money on certain things like guns. Which then negatively effects all American’s right to buy guns.

It comes down to this: Bank of America doesn’t care about your ability to protect your self and your family. They dont care about limiting your 2nd Amendment constitutional right.

They do care about staying in the good graces of government regulation; it seems the government is gradually moving toward continued limitations of the 2nd Amendment which would put them in the governments favor.

If you bank with them, dont sit back silent and inactive when they are giving you the middle finger regarding your constitutional rights. Speak up. Act. Move your finances and business to another bank that wholly cares about your rights. It may be a hassle initially but who else will hold them accountable?

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