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The COVID-19 exposed a lot of people in society as nothing more than government-dependent leaches.  Whereas even the government deems them and their occupation as “non-essential.”  Italy’s government run healthcare system has even deemed the elderly lives as “non-essential,” and stopped treating them.  Americans, are only as free as the federal government allows them to be.  Don’t be a government slave, be an independent, free, individual and become SELF-RELIANT.


Water and electricity are essentials to modern living.  But, local, state, and federal taxes, fees, and government regulations can drive up the costs.  So, reduce your dependence on it and shift to a more independent model.


Catch rain water.  Drill a well.  And with safe filtering and sanitation, incorporate that natural water to use in your home.  This greatly reduces water usage costs.  All kinds of tricks you can do around your house as well.  Use the water run off from the bathroom sink from washing your hands, face, and brushing your teeth, and divert it to filling your toilet water for flushing.  With water pumps, filters, and sanitation, water extracted from a well and incorporated into the home use will bring county/city water usage to almost nothing.  Now, because government hates independence, your still going to have to pay some fees and a minim tax, even if you use 0 gallons of water, but that is far better than the alternative.  All of this can reduce your water bill by 60-90% monthly.  That way, WHEN costs increase, you hardly feel any effect.


Solar power, propane, wind, hydroelectric, gasoline and battery generators.  A wide range of ways to capture, convert, use, and store electricity without drawing from the local grid.  Now, the costs may vary depending on your set up and maintenance, but you have to weigh how valuable your personal independence is.   So, let’s say we live in Tennessee.  The average kWh usage is 1,245 kWh per day, 37,350 kWh per month.  The average cost of kWh is $0.1084.  That means, an average electricity bill is $134.95 (not including taxes and fees).  Which amounts to $1,619.50 a year.

A 39×65 inch Solar Panel can out put 265 watts.  The average amount of usable sunlight per day is around 4 hours.  So, 265 watts x4 = 1,060 watts per day;  x30 days = 31,800 watts, or 31 kWh.  To cut your energy cost in half with just using solar power, you would need around 20, 39×65 inch Solar Panels; which would generate around 620 kWh per day.  Seems like a bit much.  Where are you going to put 108 feet width of solar panels?   How much do these solar panels cost?  Can run you about $300 per 39×65 inch Solar Panel.  Buying 20 to cut your energy grid dependence in half would cost around $6,000.  BUT, you can find sales AND take back some of your taxes by adding these costs on your tax return.  You could get it down to maybe only costing you $3,000.  And if that’s the case, your Solar Panels would be paid off in your energy savings in 22 months.  Then, every month after that you would be “making money” and living less dependent on the energy grid.

Then you also have the every growing, more common, wind generatorAt $909 you can get one that can generate 2,000 watts with an monthly energy output average of 350 kWh, or a daily average of 11.6 kWh.  Buy 3 of these suckers and you can generate up to 34 kWh per day.  Then, with your tax credit, you may get all of what you spent back on your tax return.

So, using 1,245 kWh per day and subtracting the solar panels that leaves us with 625 kWh grid dependence.  With these “free” (after tax refund) wind generators, you are down to only 591 kWh public grid dependence.


The dependence on the grocery store is costly not to mention the amount of taxes you pay to the state and federal.  A large garden and green house will have an impact.  A decent size green house that would give you enough room to impact your grocery bill would cost around $2,000.  But this gives your plants protection from nature and creatures.  You will need to study up on how to best grow your produce.

You can also go to a Farmer’s Market nearing the end of the day and buy the produce that didn’t sell at a cheaper rate.

Protein and meats are essential to a healthy diet.  A Chicken Coop is the next best option.  They are fairly cheap too.  This will allow you to attain high protein food at a very low cost.  Maybe even breed rabbits for smaller sources of protein.

Hunting and Fishing are extremely valuable skills.  You can even have your children go fishing, or hunt squirrel or snakes.  Hog hunting is year around, just need to make sure the meat is completely clean and sanitized.  Then, if and when hunting season comes around, go hunting for deer.  When you start collecting all this meat and veggies from your garden and Farmer’s Market, long term storage is your next issue to tackle.

If you live in the inner cities, even in most of the suburbs now, you won’t be able to do all this.  So, connect with a friend that has the land and property to be able to do this and draft up an agreement.  Team up and build a food network together.

But, with all this additional food, storage is critical.  Deep freezing and Canning will NEED to be a part of your routine. Stock up on Mason jars, continually by new 2-part lids and seals.  Invest in a Pressure cooker AND large pot that can hold up to 6 mason jars  and be at least 3 inches taller than the jars for Boil canning.  Keep in mind, Boil Water Canning is only good for higher acidic foods to prevent bacteria from growing.  Pressure Cooker Canning is optimal for low acidic foods and vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid can be added to also prevent bacterial growth.  When properly canned, the food can last up to and around a year in storage.


When shit hits the fan, like it did with the COVID-19 virus, you are all stocked up and have nothing to worry about; while everyone else is panic shopping for toilet paper.  All those people taking trash about those weirdo survivalists, minimalists, and homesteaders, are suddenly scrambling to hope they have enough resources when all the while, those who they made fun of, are all set.

At this point, if all the stores are sold out of everything and a nasty thunderstorm knocks out power; you are good to go like nothing every happened.  BUT, then, you have to worry about all those desperate panicking losers that failed to be prepared.  They will envy you, covet what you prepped, and become greedy.  Be ready to depend your property, resources, and family.

In light of recent events, we see that the government and essentially suspend our free liberties and tell you what you can and cannot do with your body.  Where you can and can not go and what businesses can and can not be open; all in the name of some sort of declared national emergency… of the flu.

American’s are a bunch of little bitches, honestly.  Never in the history of past generations would they have allowed this.  The founding fathers of America are 100% ashamed of the generations we have raised and our own lack of resistance to this much government control.

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