Because The Government Said So

Well, it’s officially obvious, a majority of Americans desire peaceful slavery over a dangerous freedom.  They are willing to obey a system that puts their human rights on hold for the flu.   They are so easily influenced by constant media that they are thrown in to a panic over toilet paper.  They claim to hate socialism and the bullying of the moral majority, yet praise a president that is exerting extreme government control and influence.  Government officials declaring that churches can’t meet.  Government officials telling you where you can and cannot go.   This is reality.American freedom is an illusion.

Suddenly all these government regulations can be put on hold to better the economy… if that’s true, why have them at all to always have a better economy?

And who are these officials and experts we are listening to?  They are all part of a system that is completely dependent on the government.  Of course their going to support MORE governmental action.  Of course they are going to demand more government spending.  Of course they are going to demand government bailouts.  Oh and don’t forget, down the road, they are going to demand increasing the taxes on the rich and the corporations to help fund more massive government programs and expansions to “ensure this doesn’t happen again.”  But, it will, can’t control nature and China, Communist Massive Government Control China couldn’t even contain it.  But these officials and experts will cry for more government anyway.

Then the government tells free people they can’t go to church, can’t go out and eat, can’t go to work.  Then they tell the private business they can’t open.  Then, what do you know, it turns into an economic problem!  With the government coming into save the day, of the problem they created… And these “free” people, obey like slaves.  Then complain about “how am I going to feed my family or pay my bills if I can’t go to work…”  STFU you slave, you agreed to go home, you agreed to close your business, you obeyed like a bitch, now live the consequences.

When scared, a nation’s true colors show.  Suddenly they want mommy daddy government to save them because they failed to be prepared.  They want closed borders.   They want to be hold what to do.  That saying, “weak-men create hard times” is a historical fact, and now, we have nothing but a majority of weak men, creating a hard time.  And it’s only going to get worse.

Not a single freedom group in California are in the streets.  They are okay with the government suspending their constitutional rights, over a flu virus.   And don’t worry, these authoritarian politicians are taking notes.  They see exactly what they can get away with and how far they can push being in control and restricting rights.

So let’s address some of those bootlicking arguments for this level of obedience:

Stop The Spread of The Virus

That’s a cute argument.  Odd how no one really argues for this, this hard, every year, for a virus that is statistically more dangerous.  The general population goes and gets their flu shot and goes about their business.  56,000 people died in 2012-2013 flu season (1) and around 710,000 flu hospitalizations (not even counting those who were infected but did not go to the hospital or where hospitalized).  So why wasn’t there a run on toilet paper and country wide shut down in 2013?  Right now there are an estimated 27,000 cases with 347 deaths (2).  That is no where near the 2013 flu season numbers.

So what stopped the stead of the virus in all the other years prior?  Well, logic demands us to admit that it wasn’t the government’s commands to shut down all business and schools and order free citizens to stay home…

It’s For What’s Best For The Community

Yeah?  I like to hear that argument from people who support abortion clinics in their community, impose a tax increase on targeted members of their community, or force certain members of their community to accept anything…  They are also the same people who buy 500 rolls of toilet paper, because F everyone else.  And usually, these aren’t the type of people to volunteer additional money, along with their taxes, to the local government either.  Forcing the closing of local businesses is actually worse for the community;  local employees go home without paychecks.  Local business lose out in important income to pay their works and buy/produce more product.  This has a lasting effect on the community.  But because the government said so, it must be right…

Our Recommendations:

Keep Businesses open, BUT empower them to conduct MORE cleaning and sanitizing of their places of business.  Request the aid of local non-profit and local volunteers to assist.  Leave it up to that private business to decided a customer limit or change in business hours.

Empower and support Employers to send home employees with symptoms or have been around someone who has/had symptoms.  Request compensation from state or federal agencies or even donations from the local community to financially support those who missed work so the business doesn’t face the full financial force.

Whatever government agency is closed down, divert those tax funds toward cleaning and sanitation supplies and conduct cleanings of government buildings and public grounds and create fund for local businesses to apply for financial aid.

Just a few ideas to assist in efforts to combat the virus while simultaneously keep the local economy going strong, and families bills paid and fed.

Lessons Learned

What we have learned from this is a number of things:

1.  The modern American culture is weak.  To toughen up, it will take very hard times or very hard parenting to changed the negative trajectory next generation.  If the flu can throw the nation into chaos, just imagine what else could.  And notice how easy it was.  Some bad news, repeated over and over by the media, and a little bit of fear-mongering and hype.  that’s it.

2.  Need to be prepared to be self sufficient for at least 6 months.   This means growing your own food, jarring your own food, freezing your own food, stocking up on can goods, non-perishables items with long life spans.  Having a chicken coop, going fishing, and raising other animals for food such as rabbits and squirrel.   This frees up money for the purchasing of other times.  Becoming less dependent on the local energy supply and water supply by having generators, solar power items, water catching and filtration set up.  Sustainable food, water, and energy supply will get you through the hard times that are too come.

3.  Financial Independence.  Dependence on the government is shameful.  Having a savings account is extremely important and paying off your debt is very important as well.  But, notice influence go through the roof because of what Trump did.  Printing off trillions of dollars.  That is going to drive the value of the dollar DOWN.  So, because the dollar is just expensive monopoly money,  it would be a good idea to actually invest in and store hard precious metals like gold and silver.

4.  Network of Patriots.  Communicate with a close group of local friends to share plans and resources during hard times.

You really can’t blame this virus for all the hardships to come, really.   The seasonal flu infects more and kills more, annually.  But it was the government that closed all the businesses and turned off the economy, not the flu.  Then, it was the government that injected trillions of printed dollars into the banks, printed out of thin air.  It was the government that infringed on all your basic human rights; and you were okay with it.  Why?  To make you think and feel like you “need” the government more than you ever have, and to give them a greater control over the private sector and you.

But, you can’t blame the virus.  You elected these people.  You obeyed without question…




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