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There are companies and organizations that offer the same serves as the big tech giants, without selling your data, following you around the internet, and handing your information over the authorities without warrants.  Have all the same great services of Google with the more privacy!  From Search Engines, free email, online purchasing, web browsers, social media and more:


Google, the search engin monster.  They log every word you type, every single site you go to, and little thing you look at and buy, then sell your information to targeted advertising.  If governments are investigating you for any reason, they turn over all the related data they’ve collected.  So, there is no privacy with Google.  Just because your next door neighbor doesn’t see your search data doesn’t mean thousands of other people at google, the government, and advertising agencies don’t;  they do.   So, STOP all the voluntary snooping and data collecting and switch to:

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Gmail is the king of free emails.  But, did you know Google scans your emails too?   They mine data from your personal emails to see what you shop for, what things you like, what regions you are traveling too, all for targeted advertising and for their own information.  If they find something that they feel is criminal or if any government is investigating you, they will willingly and easily turn over your emails and data to police.  Even if you didn’t do anything illegal.  Not to mention all the times politicians Gmails have been hacked.  So, if you don’t want thousands of other people scanning and reading your personal emails, this is the best free email with ten times more privacy and protections:



PayPal is the king of online payment processing.  But, they have an agenda too.  They hate your 2nd Amendment and prevent a lot of payment purchasing for ammo and firearm companies as they please.  This is their right as a private company, sure, fine, but this makes this less reliable and dependable.  They are also quick to throw your information out to the highest bidder, even any government inquiry.   There exists something that is the greatest form of currency humanity has invented; cryptocurrency.  The ultimate form of freedom, is financial freedom.  As more and more people use it, more and more companies will accept it.



When it comes to searching and using the internet going to various sites, you need a “web browser” to do this.  The most popular web browsers, currently, are Firefox and Google Chrome.  Well, Firefox is no longer being updated so that will expose it to all kinds of security issues and, well, Chrome is owned and run by Google…  The Chrome browser may be “secure” when it comes out non-Google agents trying to get your data, but, Google has full access to you data still.  There are two Browsers that are highly recommended for privacy: Brave and Tor-browser.


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can give to fks about your freedom to think and freedom to speak.   They don’t give a fk about your freedom to express yourself through art.  They want to soft conformed pool of tools to mine data from and sell to advertisers.  If you actually freely express yourself, you’ll get banned.  They are by far the least freedom supporting platforms in the modern world.  So, there is a way better alternative that seems to merge the two:  Minds



YouTube probably has the most amount of video uploads daily, but they also have the most videos banned per day too.  They are notorious for censoring free speech and any speech they disagree with.  They, are also owned by Google, who will mine your data from there too.  So, a good censorship free alternative to CrapeTube is:  D.Tube



For most conservatives, they have to constantly deal with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter banning their account, then YouTube demonetizing and banning their accounts.  Yes, this is just a real fact.  Social Influences who share a more “conservative” and “traditional” ideals aren’t free to speak it and get banned by the major social networking outlets.

So, you would use your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts as a means to drive traffic to your real, uncensored free content.  Or simply use D.Tube, and Mind as the outlet for the content that get Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter all butt hurt.  Also, drive your following to those so that your uncensored content is more visible.

Once you have a decent following in all major social networks and are safely driving traffic to your uncensored content, look at monetizing other minor accounts such as Vimeo (YouTube monetization alternate), WordPress (your personal monetized blog), hell, even make some merchandise on Teespring, or write books through Lulu and sell them through your vast social network.  To help fund your personal online monetization efforts, start up a Patron for subscriptions and or donations.

Use those mindless sheeple who love their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  Connect to them through those services to drive them where you really want them to go.  If Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter shadow bans you or straight up bans your account, you have other means to draw people and your monetization isn’t completely shut down.

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