There have been reasons to boycott. Some have been successful, others not so successful. What are justified reasons to boycott and how do you make them successful?

The colonialists conducted some very successful boycotts of British goods. They hurt British owned companies and suppliers who were compliant with British tariffs. Boycotts are part of American history and were effective tools in their resistance of oppression.

The Civil Rights movement also had successful boycotts which impacted the oppressive systems.

Here we are today with companies imposing their own ethics on people. But how do we, as a people, make boycotts effective and successful to cause change?

Why Boycott today?

The government deems you and or your family and friends as nonessential, and forces the closure of your and or their livelihoods. The police enforce church closures and punishing those to attend worship. Walmart and Korger only allow you to buy 1 thing of meat. All the while businesses and corporations comply, willing to hurt their own employees and communities. Now, even the freedom to think and speak is violated by monopolizing corporations. Google censors your search results, and allows you to see only what they want you to see. Facebook and Twitter censor your feed, only showing you what they want you to see and even censors your posts, your friends and family posts, and delete pages of freedom minded businesses. Then, when a company who represents freedom starts gaining momentum, Google, Apple, and Amazon suppress their success and censor their free efforts. We are in the United States of Communist China. Are you okay with you and your friends and family being treated this way?


A unified effort in avoiding a specific good and service is key. This is an original tactic of the founding fathers and Patriots of America and was extremely effective during the Civil Rights movement. The community must, in unison, actively avoid certain products, companies, and services, and support their opposing or more just products, companies, and services. If there is no suitable alternative then the community must come together and be willing to, in essence, suffer without the unjust products, companies, and services as long as necessary. Also, consider DONATING money to alternate companies.

The Effect

Companies that are being boycotted must suffer financial hardships. Companies are all about money. They exist to make money. When their products are not being purchased, their profits suffer. The government can swoop in and “bail out” these boycotted companies with subsidies but the people, again, must then boycott politicians who support these subsidies by not voting for them. So the mission of boycotting is to hurt the ‘bottom line’ and their profits.

Constantly sharing negative information about the company helps in this as well. As the companies stock price falls, selling off stocks is another useful tool to drive down the stock price even more. On top of poor performance reports of those stocks will compound with the companies poor sales due to the boycott.

The Goal

Hurting the profits of a company to force them to change their unjust ethics is the goal. The Civil Rights movement boycotted public transportation for years. This took away profits from fees and hurt their revenue. The local governments eventually were forced to cave due to the lack of funding as a direct result to the boycotts. But, the community had to come together and in unison, boycott the public transportation system. They helped each other in sharing transportation resources instead of pay busing fees.

Justified Moral Grounds for Boycotts

True racist and racism promoted by companies are justified reasons to boycott a company. Notice we stated “true racism.” A more recent example of pseudo grounds of protest is the Aunt Jemima brand. THE COMPANY decided to remove their ‘logo’ or image because THEY felt her likeness was racist, when, in fact, it wasn’t. She was a real person who became the image of her brand that was bought and sold on her behalf essentially. She was the FIRST black millionaire. The reality is, the company removed her likeness from HER brand because she was black. And THAT is racist. It is HER legacy and HER families legacy. A proud example of black success. But, she was removed because she was black.

Because the company removed her because she is black IS GROUNDS to boycott that racists company decision. Aunt Jemima is currently owned by the Quaker Oats Company of Chicago, now a subsidiary of PepsiCo. But apparently the company doesn’t feel it is wrong to use the stereotypical image of white Quaters… They do feel it is wrong to have a black person as an image for their brand. That is the hypocritical racist view of this company. Now, PepsiCo is not directly involved in this poor racist decision, but Quaker Oats Company is. Therefore, Quaker Oats Company needs to be boycotted.

Alternatives to Quaker Oats Company are: Kelloggs, Goya Foods, and General Mills

Another valid justified reason to boycott is a company is when the company rejects freedom and takes an active stance against the public’s constitutional rights. Yes they are free to do discriminate but that does not mean they are free from repercussions of their discrimination. Religious rights and 2nd Amendment rights are the new battle grounds. Financial institutions do not remain neutral in social politics. Much like PayPal, Bank of America also stands against the American people’s right to bare arms. They take an active stance against firearms companies. Some retail stores also stand against the right to bare arms. Dick’s Sporting Goods is another example of this. They willingly stop selling products direly related to their platform. Though they sell hunting goods, they refuse to sell firearms…

PayPal stops payments for firearm purchases and business payment processing. Yet these companies have no problem informing law enforcement about unlawful purchase who use GUNS to enforce the laws.

Alternatives to PayPal are: Payoneer, GiveSendGo, and Wepay
Alternatives to Bank of America: Wells Fargo
Alternatives to Dick’s Sporting Goods: Academy Sports and Outdoors.

In a free market of ideas, censorship is the absolute enemy of free thought. Thus, companies that target and censor the free exchange of ideas are actually enemies of freedom. Yes, as private, even though publicly traded, companies are free to pick and choose what ideals they support and promote; they are not free from the repercussions of their discrimination. Social media platforms are the new battle grounds for the freedom of the free exchange of ideas. The major and predominate social media giants are all in unison when it comes to censorship (just like nazism and communism, though separate in philosophy, same in the pursuit of censorship opposition ideas). Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google have proven to be enemies of free thought.

Alternatives to Facebook and Twitter:,,, Steemit
Alternatives to Google: and
Alternatives to YouTube: DTube, Rumble, and

How can YOU help boycott these immoral unethical anti-freedom companies?

  • Refuse to purchase products from the stores on the Boycott List.
  • Take your friends and family to the the alternative stores.
  • Share negative information about the companies on the boycott list on your social media and tell your friends and family, and share positive information about the companies on the support list.
  • Give the stores in your local area poor reviews on yelp; and give the stores in your area on the support list positive reviews.
  • Support through sharing information and your money.
  • Support local small business and community banks.


  • Bank of America – stop banking with them.
  • Quaker Oats Company – stop buying their products, dump their stocks.
  • PayPal – Avoid using them and services that use them.
  • Facebook, Twitter – Post only your alternate profile links, or just delete your account all to gether
  • Google, YouTube – Don’t use or share any of their links.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods – Don’t stop there.


  • Wells Fargo
  • Kelloggs, General Mills, Goya Foods
  • Wepay, Payoneer, GiveSendGo
  • Academy Sports and Outdoors
  •,,, Steemit
  • DTube,, Rumble

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