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Be An Independent, Free, Individual

The COVID-19 exposed a lot of people in society as nothing more than government-dependent leaches.  Whereas even the government deems them and their occupation as “non-essential.”  Italy’s government run healthcare system has even deemed the elderly lives as “non-essential,” and stopped treating them.  Americans, are only as free as the federal government allows them to be.  Don’t be a government

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The Coronavirus

With the politicians and media outlets constantly pushing news updates on the Coronavirus, we all by now are aware of it, but what is it, how dangerous is it, and why the hype?

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Thank You Democrats,

I would like to thank the Democrat party for helping me see more clearly issues that will help me vote in the coming elections.  From abortion rights to my 2nd Amendment rights and racism, you guys have really given me some serious motivations and ample things to consider.

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Merry Christmas!

Oops, was that noninclusive and offensive?  What about Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa?  Idk, what about them?  None of those are celebrated on 25 December.  On this day, 25 December, only Christmas is the event celebrated on that day.  Today is 25 December, therefore, Merry Christmas.  Hanukkah ended on 10 December and Kwanzaa starts 26 December.  Today, is Christmas.

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If you really cared about School Safety, you would protect our Children better than politicians, celebrities, courts, and money. Our 6 Point Plan does just that.

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