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Arguments For Abortion

We will logically, rationally, and, with the use of research and science, consider the arguments for abortion to determine if they are, in fact, logically and rationally, justified.  If you have any other arguments not addressed, please contact us so that we may consider them and determine a response.

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The Party of Death

What do you call a party whos’ platform and members push for laws that justify the killing of babies born alive?

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The 2019 March for Life

You may not know this if you just watch the typical news outlets but this event was HUGE.  The speakers were big and the turn out was amazing! USA News stated there were “thousands” and Fox News said there were “thousands and thousands” in attendance.  A time laps image of the march shows hundreds of thousands. The 2019 March for

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If you really cared about School Safety, you would protect our Children better than politicians, celebrities, courts, and money. Our 6 Point Plan does just that.

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What are human rights? Where do they come from? What is genocide and how does it relate to Abortion? What are arguments used by abortionist?

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The Freedom in The UK is an Illusion

From BIRTH, you don’t have the right to life.  The government, instead of protecting your ultimate right to live, gives someone else with sometimes more selfish ambitions the choice over your life [2].  THEN, if you are allowed to be birthed and as you grow up in a violent crime ridden society such as London, the government forbids you from

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