Conservatives, Your Protests Have Gone Nowhere

Let’s face it, your nice and sweet peaceful protests have done absolutely thing. You protest abortion, and guess what, millions of babies are still killed every year. You protest Gun Control, and guess what, laws that infringe on the 2nd Amendment keep growing. It’s a nice show to put on with big names, but in actuality, it does not change anything.

Remember the Tea Party Protests in the early 2000s? What happened. Well, quite frankly, they didn’t change anything. Look at where America is today. What did they change? The party they overwhelmingly support lost the House and is on the verge of losing the Senate. “Oh but they got Trump elected” some might try to argue, but what has his influence done to abortion and gun control? Nothing. In fact, he supports Gun Control laws lol. “Oh but Trump will get to nominate traditionalist Supreme Court justices” they might also try to argue, but how has that turned out? Not good. The latest Supreme Court decision has opened the door for even more limitations on religious institutions, not to mention their avoidance of cases that would effect the police state and abortion.

Look at the large gun rights rally in Virginia in 2019. They were so peaceful and so compliant they managed to get the state of Virginia to pass even more Gun Control laws after the rally. III%s and Oath Keepers were all there, and, what did they help with? Nothing.

We still have troops in Iraq, and Afghanistan fighting this endless war that has nothing to do with YOUR freedom here. Instead these endless wars take away fathers, mothers, and your children from their families and sends them overseas to fight for someone else’s’ imposed “freedom” while you sit at home and have to worry about getting robbed, shot, stabbed, or find a job because the government declared you as non-essential. How are those parent-less homes working out for America?

Then, some of you (the peaceful republican protestors) condemn the more aggressive protesting (not talking about the looters) as of recent, such as the Black Lives Matters protests (again, not talking about the looters). Yet, THOSE protests have yielded more fruit than your “conservative, patriotic” protests. Police departments are under heavy scrutiny and facing some federal bills and potential more oversight. Cities and states have taken steps in changing their practices. Those protests have yielded fruit! Their mission is being more successful.

Aggressive protesting IS PATRIOTIC! Study the actions of the colonialist before the revolution. Study the Civil Rights Movement. THOSE were effective fruitful protests, not yours.

Your single party loyalty is pathetic and shameful. Your tribalism is part of the problem.

You preach “Vote Red” and get “conservative” politicians like Mitt Romney elected year after year. Quite honestly, most Republicans are BIG GOVERNMENT politicians. Which Republican didn’t impose some sort of Bill of Rights restriction (and still) during the COVID-19 fearmongering? Then, you try to justify the suspension of the Bill of Rights in an attempt to support your Red candidate…

You are no different than people who are against racism who vote for racist candidates (Democrat voters and Joe Biden). You claim to be for liberty and freedom but then vote for candidates that will declare you as non-essential and impose limitations to your rights. You support Police… who enforce Gun Control laws and enforce the Stay-at-home orders…

And if you unlike and unfollow us on social media because of rebukes likes this, that just proves you are the one close minded to the reality that you are part of the problem. Please do some self reflection.

Why aren’t you voting for people to demand a balanced budget amendment and national debt reduction? It’s almost like you enjoy all the government subsidies and handouts too. Your dependence on the federal government makes you a BIG GOVERNMENT supporter too.

Why are you protesting? What are you protesting? Who are you protesting?

Your police pals need to be protesting WITH YOU.

Your friends and family in the National Guard need to be protesting WITH YOU.

You need to be protesting at the door steps of the problem, all day, everyday, until REAL change happens. “But we have jobs” cool, good, then protest after work. And if it is a real concern for you, if the lives of babies are really that important to you, take some days off of work. Bring your community together, share resources, and cause change.

Your show-boat protesting is useless and invalid.

Oohhh scary you bring rifles with you to your peaceful Hawaiian shirt protests. What are you going to do with those rifles? Nothing. You will even let the police disarm you and arrest you, which has been happening. You show up to businesses that are not complying with the order to close (as they should, not comply) during COVID-19 armed, and then the police show up and arrest everyone lol. What was the point of that? It’s all a show. A show that isn’t causing any real change.

You wave around flags that say “Come and Take It” and “Don’t Tread On Me” but they, the police, whom you support, do just that, tread all over you and come and take your guns lol. And you do nothing. You obey and comply rendering your entire protest invalid lol.

Either stfu with your hypocritical useless peaceful protesting or actually take a principled stand on something.

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