Core Values

Based on the Inherent Rights, we defend and affirm the following:


  • The Inherent Rights of LIFE and FREEDOM for ALL Americans.
  • Free speech; words, thoughts, gestures, symbols
  • Freedom OF Religion; ALL legitimate faiths to believe and practice their religious belief systems privately and publicly as so long as they do not oppress the LIFE and FREEDOM of others.
  • Defense of ones’ self, family, and property with the necessary tools to secure their protection.
  • Private Property
  • Personal Privacy
  • Freedom to Assemble
  • Freedom to Associate; with whomever without reprisal.
  • Innocence until PROVEN otherwise.
  • Due Process; to confront the accuser, afforded competent defense council to have ones defense heard and to address any form of accusation or evidences against ones self in open court.
  • Equal and Fair Trial Process with fair and just bail amounts and punishments.
  • Sovereign States’ Rights
  • Taxation only through the approval of the people by those who directly represent those people.
  • All unalienable RIGHTS that are objective transcendent and superior to subjective judgments, feelings, emotions, and opinions of mankind; revealed and endowed by The Creator, undefined by mankind.


  • Generally:  Against all that which suppresses, oppresses, limits, or attempts to control those unalienable rights.
  • Racism:  Against all those who use their freedom of thought and speech to impose any action that limits or controls, to oppress, suppress, or impose unequal favoritism, of any race or ethnic group.  For subjective “hate speech” and free thinking in a fair equal discourse of free thought for all ideas.
  • Sexism:  Against all those who use their freedom of thought and speech to actively oppress, suppress, or impose unequal favoritism of any gender, male or female, over another.
  • Abortion:  For the right to LIFE, existence, and freedom to grow and mature, at the moment of conception.
  • Adoption:  For these rights equally bestowed to pre-born persons, infants, orphans through the support and advocacy of adoption; and the efficient, just, and fair system of adoption.
  • For these rights bestowed on those who are mentally or physically incapable to understand, comprehend, or exorcise their right to life and freedom.
  • Assisted Suicide:  Against anyone or anything that seeks to take away the right of LIFE and FREEDOM mentally ill, detached, and handicap, physically handicap, or those who are not in a sound state of mind or maturity to give consent to waive their right to LIFE or FREEDOM.
  • Marriage: For those whom desire to marry whom they desire uncontrolled or regulated by the government.
  • Against those who require, force, or compel through threat to accept or tolerate any one ideology.
  • Capital Punishment:  For punishments that are equal and fair for the victim and to the crime in which, with violence and without consent, takes the LIFE of an innocent person; the ultimate form of oppression.  Thus, the life taker willingly forfeits their right to life through their act against an innocent person.
  • Victims: Their right to be heard and cared for to ensure their life and freedoms remain and established and that Justice is achieved.
  • Parental Rights:  For the empowerment of parents who assume the rights of their immature children to defend their life and freedoms without government control of forced influence.
  • Justice System:  For the accountability and justice for Law Enforcement who unjustly impede anyone’s life or freedom, Juries that represent that local community of the accused, innocence until proven guilty.  And against any unjust judicial ruling imposed by threat of force on a individual or people.
  • Elections: For the strict punishment of voter fraud where only Americans may elect, without fear of harm or reprisal, those who represent them and create the laws and regulations that govern them.
  • Governmental Systems:  For a Constitutional democratic Republic and Confederation of States with a limited Federal Government over those States and all subordinate to the Constitution.  Against Communism, Fascism, Democratic Socialism, Monarchies, Dictatorships, Authoritarianism, Emiraterianism, Sultanaterism, Marxism-Leninism, Oligarchies, Parliamentarian, or Totalitarianism; as they are ultimately destructive to the equality and right to life and freedom proven by Human Nature and history.