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The Information and Data:


Screenshot_2020-04-17 https us-browse startpage comCOVID-19 Data, Sources, and Why?

To help sift through all the BS and politicization of this situation, we will sift through the data and sources to help isolate the REAL experts and the REAL reliable numbers. That why when some nutjob trys to spit numbers to justify taking away your rights, you have better, more sound, ammunition, per-say.


The Coronavirus

With the politicians and media outlets constantly pushing news updates on the Coronavirus, we all by now are aware of it, but what is it, how dangerous is it, and why the hype? *Updated*

The Government Response:


Screenshot_2020-05-01 https us-browse startpage comThe Constitutionality and Ethical Issues of ‘Stay-at-Home’ Orders

Emotions aside, we examine the recent “Stay at Home” orders issued by Governors and county Judges nation wide. Do they even have the power to order you to do so? Are they constitutional? Are they even ethical and moral?


A little girl walks down a street in Camden, New Jersey.

The Coming COVID-19 Aftermath

There will be some last effects even after COVID-19 fades out. Correctly understanding the CAUSE of the negative side effects is key to not repeating the same stupidity next time, and there will be a next time.

The Civil Rights issues related:


Screenshot_2020-04-29 https us-browse startpage comDear #StayHome People,

An open letter to all those who preach and proclaim the idea “Stay Home. Save Lives” #StayHome.

Screenshot_2020-04-23 https us-browse startpage comStay At Home, Follow Orders, Obey, Comply, For The Common Good

It is amazing to see the sheer amount of people demanding that OTHER people forfeit, suspend, neglect, and give up their freedoms because of a fearful feeling imposed by unreliable stats and unconstitutional government orders. Even vilifying people who exercise their constitutional rights. What is the rationale behind this? Are their concerns legitimize?


The POTR Community:

Screenshot_2020-04-29 National Patriots of The Republic Facebook(4)Corona Virus Forum

A free and open forum for anyone to post and discuss.


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