Dear National Rifle Association,

This letter is from a couple past and present NRA members.  First it is important to point out that Gun Owners of America are better gun rights advocates than you.  It is interesting to note that you did not file a lawsuit against the bump stock ban like other gun rights groups did.  Are you guys even filing suit against New Jersey’s “high capacity” magazine ban?  What are you guys doing about Red Flag laws, that take away due process and revoke 2nd Amendment rights?  PBS published an article titled “NRA has backed more state gun laws…”  and after reading through the article they failed to actually present support for their claim… (  But what we can’t help but to notice is your actual LACK of action… or even support for other gun rights groups taking action…   NRA CEO stated “The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations

So not only is the NRA for some level of gun control, but also gun accessory control as well…  Do you not realize you now have a common thought with absolute gun control advocates… What happened to your stance on Freedom?  If i’m a law abiding citizen and avid gun collector, why can’t I have a bump stock?  The NRA no longer supports my freedom?  Even the gun-control present Obama, okayed the sales of Bump stocks; but you are okay with banning them?

According to Adam Winkler, in his book The Battle Over The Right to Bear Arms in America; the NRA worked with presidents and lawmakers to pass gun control legislation, in the wake of Prohibition-era crime.  This could just be anti-NRA propaganda, but what we keep coming back to is your lack of action and rhetoric.

Then Cox said this “We need to stop dangerous people before they act,” Cox said in the video statement. “There will always be evil in this world. That won’t change. But we can change our response.”  This statement is in favor of Red Flag laws… The NRA spokes man.  (read more here

With the federal bump stock ban, high capacity magazine bans, and Red Flag laws going into effect all over the nation; we will be watching your actions.  It would be a shame to see the NRA support anti-2A agendas and back stab  all their members.  It would be a sad day for us to publicly advocate against you and dissuade gun owners from joining you.  Restore our trust that you are fighting for our constitutional rights of self defense and our freedom!

2019 will determine if you support us or not.  Are you for us or against us?  Take a stand either way.



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