Dear #StayHome People,

I am speaking to all of you who proclaim that you are staying at home, during the Coronavirus, because you care about other people.  Sounds very noble of you.  So strong, so brave.

You put a Facebook frame around your main profile picture for everyone one to see how virtuous you are.  You tweet with the hastag #IStayHomeFor and then you publicly justify why you are staying home.  So righteous of you.

You comment on how you think it’s crazy that people are beginning to go about their daily lives as, you feel, they are risking further infections and the spread of the Coronavirus.  You feel that these people are acting selfishly and carelessly about the well being of others.  Sounds like you have the moral high ground.

You see various numbers constantly updated in the news and hear from various people dressed in doctors gounes and other “experts” in suites.  You believe every word they tell you because, after all, you are told they are the experts.  Then, you respectfully, trying not to be condescending, address others who give different numbers from different “experts” who disagree with your information.

Does any of this sound like you?

Let me ask you this, why are you REALLY staying home and why do you REALLY care about other people not staying home, like you?

Is it out of fear?  Fear of a deadly contagious virus?  Fear of getting yourself and others infected?  What else could it be for?

If you say, your not scared, but doing it out of respect and care of others… you still don’t hit on THE REASON for this sort of respect and care.

You “care” for the health of others because you FEAR the risk of infecting them or your self.  No matter your attempted justification, it will always come down the fear.

Why are you so scared?

The Numbers

The only way you have any sense of HOW the virus is, is from the information and numbers you are told.  That means you are absolutely trusting and believing what you are told, without proof or realities in your own life to validate it.

Do you know how to Math?  Multiply and divide?  Use logical reasoning?

This is from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Read it for your self:

Total US Cases: 981,246

Total US Deaths: 55,258

Math tells us, with these numbers that the mortality rate is: 55,258 / 981,246 = 0.056 or 5.6%

The World Health Organization estimated the mortality rate at around 3.4%

China published a state controlled study that put their mortality rate around 2.3%

We constantly hear about Italy’s and Spain’s mortality rates at 7% and 5.7%

Ohh that seems like a scary number uh?

*Fun fact: Given that the US population is around 329,581,886 ( that means 0.2% of the entire population is infected… not even 1%… not even half a percent… (981,246 / 329,581,886 = 0.0029) as of 4/29/2020.

But, how do you know those numbers are even accurate?  Because some news agency reported those numbers?  Because the US Government wouldn’t manipulate their numbers like China?

Let’s put on our Free Thinker hat and use some logic and reasoning for a second.

The CDC Numbers

The fact is:  The CDC’s numbers aren’t accurate… on purpose.

The CDC’s guidelines for reporting deaths include deaths from other things.  In the last paragraph, even in bold, they tell people to just assume things.  Read it for yourself: Alert-2-New-ICD-code-introduced-for-COVID-19-deaths

Screenshot_2020-04-29 National Patriots of The Republic Facebook(7)

New York’s death count jumped by an additional 33% just by adding the deaths of those who they assumed died by COVID-19 or may have contributed.  But, they aren’t sure, they don’t know, it wasn’t confirmed. A lot of other states are following suit.  Which, boosts the death count and in turn, boosts the mortality rate…

Screenshot_2020-04-29 National Patriots of The Republic Facebook(6)

This means people, using their own mind and feelings, can simply assume, and choose, that someone “may” have died by COVID-19… without confirming, just a personal assumption.  Feeling of their gut.  Science and Psychology tells us all people have a bias.  When we are told that covid-19 is deadly and everywhere, then someones, “Confirmation Bias” comes into question.  Rendering, all unconfirmed assumptions data, unreliable.

The annual death rate of the seasonal flu, drastically dropped this year too… where did those numbers go?

Screenshot_2020-04-29 National Patriots of The Republic Facebook

We can reasonably conclude that the death rates are inflated due to including people who did not die from the virus but from another actual cause.

Screenshot_2020-04-29 National Patriots of The Republic Facebook(9)

Now, if you are still in denial about the accuracy of the mortality rate, which influences the fearfulness of the virus, than let us keep using math and logical reasoning to guide us to truth and facts.

Screenshot_2020-04-29 National Patriots of The Republic Facebook(8)

The Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal, a highly respected medical research and peer reviewed publication determined the mortality rate to be around 0.6% and they “accounting for censoring and ascertainment biases;” and “ascertainment biases” is government statistical manipulation and confirmation biases.

The new study also found that the death rate varied greatly by age. While the death rate was around 0.0016% in 0 to 9-year-olds, ages 1-49, est less than 0.161% mortality rate. And ages 50-59, est 0.595% mortality rate.  60 years old or under, est. mortality rate: 0.145%

As more countries ramped up their testing, they found a vastly lower mortality rate. Germany death rate: 0.59%  Austria death rate: 0.57%  Australia death rate: 0.33%  All these counties have less than a 1% mortality rate for the same virus.  There are even more that have just a little more than 1% mortality rate:  Switzerland death rate: 1.64%  South Korea death rate: 0.6-1.49%

Logical Question:

How can a medical journal’s numbers, that “accounting for censoring and ascertainment biases” and other countries determine a 0.6% over all mortality rate for the same virus that the CDC’s numbers calculate a 5.6% mortality rate…

Your being emotionally and mentally, even physically, manipulated.

But, let’s keep going with some proof of your being manipulated and indoctrinated.

Then came along Antibody testing

Just to introduce this form of testing, WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD on April 14, 2020 (, stated this:

It’s possible to catch SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus, and not know it. That’s because not everyone infected with the virus has symptoms.

Now that is an interesting statement.  So, the accuracy is then questioned and WebMD states:

If you test positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, that usually means you’ve had COVID-19. But you may get a negative result if you’ve only had the virus a short time. And it’s possible to get exposed and not develop antibodies. You may also get a “false positive.” That means you have antibodies but had a different kind of coronavirus.

That word “false positive” is misleading.  It is being thrown around now to make people think a certain way.  To make it seem as though it is “false” information.  You’ll see that word thrown out there more often now.  It is NOT false that you had a virus, a “different kind of coronavirus” like SARS.  But, the CDC doesn’t care if you died of a “different kind of coronavirus,” your counted all together anyway…  They nitpick the infections but not the deaths… why?

Logical Question:

So why is it that the infections data only count a super specific SARS virus type but the mortality count include potentially ALL viruses…

It’s a game of numbers.

The higher the mortality rate, the scarier it seems and the more fearful YOU become.

In Santa Clara, California, estimated that 2.5% to 4.2% of all people in the county had been infected with COVID-19, and suggested that the number of COVID-19 cases could be some 50 to 85 times higher than the confirmed count. (

This killed the mortality rate estimations in California…

CA total cases: 45,031

CA total deaths: 1,809

CDC CA mortality rate:  1,809 / 45,031 = 0.04 or 4%

Again, seems high considering the other unbias studies.

CA population: 39,512,223 (

Now, if the Santa Clara study’s LOW end estimation was true (2.5%) then: 39,512,223 + (39,512,223 * 0.025) = 40,500,028 people could be or have been infected…

Which means the mortality rate  in CA could then be:  1,809 / 40,500,028 = 0.000044 or 0.004%

Now, according to the COVID-19 Testing Project (, these tests gave false positives between 10-15% of the time.  So, let’s take the high number of 15% and apply that to the CA data and extract 15% from the estimated total infections.

40,500,028 – (40,500,028 * 0.15) = 34,425,023 infected, minus the high false positive rate.

CA Mortality Rate:  1809 / 34,425,023 = 0.0000525 or 0.005%

Drastically lower.  Less scary.  Math.  Completely based on experts that conducted the study and data from California state government officials.

The Anti-Antibody Test Propaganda machine comes out swinging to defend their manufactured scary manipulated data virus.


This is rich.  The is a health “news” outlet.  Some journalist, JoNel Aleccia, writes an article attempting to discredit the antibody testing (  There are a lot of issues with this persons’ article.  First off, the World Health Organization is used as an authoritiative sources.  The same World Health Organization “experts” that defended China and their false fraudulent data.  Secondly, they dodge the real question (accuracy of detection) and spit negative things like “There is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection”  AND?  We are trying to get a head count of all those who are or have been infected, we aren’t talking about a “second infection.”  If you have it, you have it, either it’s your first, second or third time.  The idea is to discredit and give a false notion of counting the same person twice… but… all you have to do is ask “have you been tested before or had it before”… that’s solves that.

Even the CDC, trying to save face, throws their opinion in the ring attempting to minimize and semi-discredit the reliability… even after… they told everyone to assume everyone died of the virus anyway…  they throw in this statement: “Depending on when someone was infected and the timing of the test, the test may not find antibodies in someone with a current COVID-19 infection.” (  Duh.  No kidding Chief.  Logic.  If you were tested before your body reacts, “the test may not find antibodies.”  But that logic is true for every single test on earth.  If you are tested before the virus had time to multiply and become more apparent in your blood, it may not get discovered, and you would be “negative”… Nice try CDC.

Then you have the news outlets that report all the propaganda numbers and fearful feelings of the vrius, constantly, reporting negative ideas about the antibody tests:  NBC News harped on what the testing can’t do… and like all the other propagandist, they quote World Health Organization officials who defended China’s fraudulent data *eye roll* (  But, NBC News can’t get enough of the hate for antibody testing, so they keep publishing negative “news” about it (  Even, of course, and not a shocker, CNN “health” comes out swinging for the fences knowing a lot of their viewers will eat it up (

The Hill, reported that “Tedros [WHO Chief] apparently turned a blind eye to what happened in Wuhan and the rest of China and, after meeting with Xi in January, has helped China to play down the severity, prevalence and scope of the COVID-19 outbreak.”  And just to prove how unreliable the World Health Organization is,  here is a deleted tweet from them: (


A very ignorant tweet.  What do you think antibodies do?  They fight the virus in the case of a second infection… Then they corrected themselves ( and stated:

We expect that most people who are infected with #COVID19 will develop an antibody response that will provide some level of protection.

All that, aside from the fact the World Health Organization defended China AND brushed China’s unreliable calculations under rug and just regurgitated their data to the rest of the world like it was fact.

The Brooking Institute, Time magazine, PBS News, Bloomberg, New York Times, and Forbes, all reluctantly and in part report on how China’s data is corrupted, tainted, manipulated, and unreliable.  All the sources are below.

Screenshot_2020-04-29 National Patriots of The Republic Facebook(2)

But, why are they so against this antibody testing?

It DROPS the mortality rate to around seasonal flu levels… not so scary anymore, hu?

Does the government pick and choose “essential” and “non-essential” people during seasonal flu?  Do they get to pass the largest amount of wealth distribution in the history of humanity, during seasonal flu?  Do they get to suspend Constitutional Rights and even Human Rights… during seasonal flu?  Nope.

So, a deadly, scary, vicious, monstrous flue is statistically manufactured…

Okay, now, that I have provided sufficient evidence from experts and agencies to prove, with the use of logical and rational thought, that this whole thing has been used to influence the population through manipulating numbers to make them seem more dangerous, scary, and harmful; to lead you to feel fearful.

If you are fearful, you have been indoctrinated.  Just being straight forward.

More Harm Than Good

What about “caring for your neighbor” and “stay home. save lives”?

You are supporting a government reaction and a system that is and will be more harmful to your friends, family, neighbor, and communities’ lives, than the virus ever will be.

Your virtuous-ness and moralism is worse than the Covid-19 mortality rate…

You advocate for people who live paycheck to paycheck to “stay at home”

You advocate for people who own a small business to “close down”

Your advocacy and support of “stay at home orders” is leading to a 20% (12) nation wide unemployment rate!  You are encouraging the job loss of 1 out of 5 of all your friends and family.

These are friends and family that risk becoming impoverished, live in poverty, become poor, hungry, because of an agenda you advocate for.  World Bank argues that about 40-60 million people will be forced into extreme poverty, with their best estimate being 49 million; just from the covid-19 governments responses (15) and Oxfam, a poverty research group, is perdicting half a billion in poverty, world wide (17).  Responses YOU support.  As poverty goes up, so does that population’s risk of other diseases as they will receive unequal access for healthcare (16).

There is a robust scientific literature on the link between unemployment and higher suicide rates. Researchers at the University of Otago found labor force status is a strong predictor of suicide death.  A University of Technology, Taiwan study found recessions increase the suicide rate among older age groups. Meanwhile, expansions decrease the suicide rate among younger and middle age groups.  Another study by researchers at McMaster University and Seoul National University linked even unstable employment to higher suicide rates, concluding unstable employment had a significant impact on suicide among people aged 25–34.  A peer reviewed published study has linked joblessness to suicide rates (13).  The unemployed were 3 to 5 time higher than individuals who were employed and committed suicide.

A study by University of Oxford researchers found 10,000 suicides tied to the Great Recession. That was in the US, Canada, and Europe alone.  A study states this “the relative risk of suicide associated with unemployment rose by 20% to 30% in all regions, the paper says.  Of an estimated 233,000 suicides each year in the 63 countries, which range from Kyrgyzstan to Japan, Russia, Romania, Denmark, Germany, the UK, Mexico, Canada and the US, one in five were due to unemployment. Unemployment was linked with 41,148 suicides in 2007 and 46,131 in 2009, suggesting that 4,983 excess suicides were associated with the economic crisis in 2008.” (14)

A study by researchers at Imperial College London linked 500,000 cancer deaths to the Great Recession. They found unemployment and health care cuts lead to these half a million tragedies.

The massive amount of people seeking unemployment benefits combined with all the government bail outs and stimulus checks; America’s national debt is already at 24.7 TRILLION!  Debt per tax payer, YOU and ME, is $199,000!  The Federal government is spending 115%!! of what it rakes in from YOU and ME.  Social Security program, that you and I pay into out of every single paycheck, will be unable to pay the full value of its benefits by 2035.   Social Security’s costs will exceed its income by 2020, according to a new report published Monday by the program’s trustees (18).  Just imagine what is going to happen when 20% of the work force is unemployed and NO LONGER paying into the system, but, instead, taking more money out of the system though medicare…

Worst of all, YOU advocate for the taking away of other people’s liberty and freedom.  YOU are an oppressor.  How can you every condemn government oppression; Slavery, Native American oppression, Japanese American Internment camps, Jim Crow and segregation laws; your arguments are the same as theirs…

You advocate for all this by advocating for everyone to stay home, lose their jobs, and close their businesses…

But, I bet you’re not willing to admit your wrong.

Confronted with the reality that you blindly believe in inaccurate manipulated data and the proof that what you support is more harmful than good; why do you still hold on to such a belief?

You want to feel like you have power over people.

You want to feel like you are more righteous and virtuous than other people.

You want to believe in the unreliable data at all costs, so you can hold on to your self-righteous, virtue signaling, condescending, sense of control and power over those who think and live more free than you.

You are so blinded by your indoctrination that you fail to see even the simplest of logic and rational thought, such as:

If YOU stay inside, and avoid other people, YOU won’t get sick.  And other people going out in public will have NO EFFECT on you getting sick.

If you fear what you are told about the virus so much, than staying at home is perfect for you.  You won’t get sick.  So… why do you care so much about the freedom of other people then… if you won’t get sick staying home?  #logic #ExposeYourInnerDictator

You want to IMPOSE your faulty belief on others.  That YOU are more informed.  That YOU are more right.  That YOU are selfless, virtuous, right, and moral; and those who don’t do what YOU do, are not.

Who’s selfish, self-righteous, self-centered now?

Screenshot_2020-04-29 National Patriots of The Republic Facebook(3)

You want to take away other people’s freedoms simply because you are willing to have you’s taken.  You support those who feed you bad data and take away your freedoms; and in turn, you advocate for the same thing on others.  The taking away for their freedoms too.

So, stay home.

Loss your job.

Depend on government assistance.

Fly your virtue signaling flag all over social media.

Continue to see your self better than those who think and live differently.

Seek the assistance from mommy daddy government, depend on them, love them, obey them.

But just know, we all see you.

We may not call you out on it.

But, we see it.

And we all know, what you support and advocate for makes you the most gullible, indoctrinated blind government tool and slave; and your efforts to bring everyone else to your pathetic mind-numbing level is clear to those who think and live free.

You who preach open borders, what happened?

You who preach pro-abortion, suddenly care about life?

You who preach human rights for all, suddenly support their suspension?

You who preach against Islamaphobia, suddenly support their closing of their Mosques?

You how preach gender equality and minority entrepreneurship, suddenly support closing woman and minority businesses.

You who preach universal healthcare, suddenly complain how the government is failing?

You who preach diversity and tolerance, suddenly the most intolerant and non-diverse in ideas and thoughts.

Screenshot_2020-04-29 National Patriots of The Republic Facebook(5)

When will you wake up?

Why do you hate other people’s freedom?

Screenshot_2020-04-29 National Patriots of The Republic Facebook(4)

Screenshot_2020-04-29 National Patriots of The Republic Facebook(1)



  8. 2018 study by Yingyao Hu and Jiaxiong Yao of Johns Hopkins University.




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