Don’t Blame The Politicians


There are some moronic, illogical, hypocritical, criminal, politicians in office. Some might say they all are but clearly some more moronic, illogical, hypocritical, criminal than others; but can you blame them for their power, authority, and vast opportunities for their moronic, illogical, hypocritical public platform?

Nope. They didn’t take their position by force. It was given to them by the people who voted for them. Yes, the people empowered these politicians.

How has politicians like Nanci Pelosi been in her position for decades? How did corrupt Killary… I mean Hillary, get so much support? How have republicans who are more liberal than some democrats keep getting elected by their people in a party that doesn’t really reflect their values?

Simple. The people have become complacent and just vote for who they feel is the lesser of the evils… But they, the people, moronically and hypocritically still elect an evil. Then bash the other as morally and ethically corrupt… Yet, vote for someone who is also morally and ethically corrupt.

The same can be said about businesses. They boycott some companies for violating their rights but support other companies that do the same to other rights. Some want to boycott cake bakers who they feel violate civil rights and force the baker to violate his own rights.

The real issue here is that people aren’t taking a stand! People aren’t actively supporting the rights of all but only the few at the expense of others.

Its time to stand and sacrifice complacency and comfort-ability and call people out on their moronic hypocrisy. We cant blame politicians or corporations when we the people are the ones that give politicians power and corporations money.

The country is where it is because of the people. The country is going where it is going because of the people. Stand and be part of the solution and not quietly on the side lines part of the decline.

What are you doing now, today, that benefits the rights of all and not the few? What are you doing to fix the gradual decline in freedom?

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