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    We are happy to unleash our own forum. More freedom and liberty than Facebook! Share and discuss all sorts of things.

    But, expect to be challenged when sharing and advocating for things that go against what we stand for. There are some “rules” to ensure immoral unjust and oppressive natured content is not supported, advocated for, or perpetuated here.

    1. Sharing any sort of pornography will get your IP, email, and Profile banned immediately, and doxed, if possible.

    2. Soliciting a business or selling products MAY BE initiated in THE specific Forum BUT any further exchange of information must be done OFF this forum.

    3. If you post images of any firearms you own, ensure the serial numbers are NOT visible. This will assist in privacy issues related to Google and other companies creating shadow registries.

    4. Personal attacks are for weak minded parents basement dwellers, respectfully challenge sources and ideas for healthy beneficial discussions. Anyone who does not put themselves in check risks getting their IP, email, and Profile banned and doxed, if possible.

    If you have any issues, comments, questions, and or suggestions, please check out that forum, or our contact page.

    Enjoy the freedom forums

    Oh, and these topics and forums can be Google’d and show up in Search Engine results, so keep personal information to a minimum. If you need something removed due to privacy concerns, please contact us ASAP.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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