Free to Boycott

Boycotting seems like it would be anti-freedom, but that is quite the opposite.  We are FREE to boycott and no one can force us to purchase something from someone unnecessarily.  Boycotting is also a form or protest and can be a tool use against those who are anti-freedom.  We have compiled a list of Business that we hope other freedom loving Americans would avoid.

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Yeti, and REI.  These companies are trash.  They hate your freedom to protect yourself, your family, and your property; they do not want to support your 2nd Amendment right. So, they freely chose to remove certain weapons and support Gun Control.  So, we are freely boycotting this company until their polices change or until they go out of business.  Better places to shop are Academy Sports and Outdoors, Bass Pro Shop, Out Door World, and Cabelas.

Bank of unAmerica, Capital One, US Bank, and Citigroup.  These companies decided not to support other companies that are solely in the 2nd Amendment business.  They don’t care about the Bill of Rights and your right to bear arms.  In fact, they would rather throw all those companies who trusted them under the bus.  There are plenty of other banks that do support 2nd Amendment based companies.  Most local banks, Wells Fargo, and RTIC are good alternates.

United Airlines and Delta Airlines.  These airlines have cut ties with the NRA over the gun control issue.  Which is okay, there is always smaller airlines or Continental Airlines.

Avis, Budge, Hertz, Enterprise, Alamo, and National transportation and Car rental companies cut ties with the NRA over gun control; the perfect free-market alternative to needing to get around – Lyft or Ubr.

Shout out to Fed-Ex and Wells Fargo for not caving to the snowflakes cries to infringe on the their customers right to bear arms.  Use their services more!


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