Government “Shut down”

OMG! The Government may shut down!!! Wait, wont that then save the tax payers money and actually slow government deficit spending, thus slowing the growing national debt?!  It is also interesting to note how dependent we ALL have become on the federal mommy daddy government.  So much so, we THINK a government shut down will end life as we know it… But what exactly gets shut down?God forbid we can’t go to national parks and monuments for a few weeks.  Its a shame that none of those nature loving people are willing to volunteer at the parks as a honorable public service.

May take a few extra days to process applications for visas and passports, but, welp, guess you shouldn’t wait till the last minute.

Regular maintenance for government websites… but those sites don’t work half the time anyway lol.

In 2013, an estimated 40% of the federal staff were sent on furlough… GOOD.  And why the hell do we have so many government employees in the first place?  Being a veteran, it was actually quite frustrating dealing with civilian federal staff and how slothful and sluggish they were at their job; with no concern of being fired.

Someone commented saying that being labeled a “non-essential employee” is demoralizing… stfu snowflake.  You work for the federal government in a non first responder, security, or military capacity.  But, apparently, the US Postal Service; the organization that bleeds tax payer dollars (and would have gone out of business decades ago if they were a private company) are essential… even though we have email and fedex.

Here is were it gets even more ugly.  People expecting VA benefits, unemployment benefits, farm subsidies and tax refunds may experience delays.  WHY IN HELL are VA Benefits NOT essential?  These guys sacrificed time with their friends and family and scarified themselves, voluntarily, for their nation, and paid the price with their mental and physical health… for you… and they’re non-essential?!

Unemployment benefits?! Only a spoiled society would think this is a problem.  Maybe if these immature self-control lacking morons would save up money, they wouldn’t need “unemployment benefits” while between jobs. Can’t build a savings, sure you can.  Live with family, friends, have room mates, cut up credit cards, kill your debt, limit your monthly bills, live modestly, set up automatic disbursements to a savings and limit access to it… there are ways… if you try…

Farm subsidies and tax refund dependence is more proof of a failed society we have turned into.  Why would farmers need subsidies if all they are doing is growing food on their land?  Give a big thanks to big government for forcing them to be dependent on tax dollars to survive.  BTW, with the FairTax tax-code, you wouldn’t need to waste your time at H&R Block with all your tax documents to navigate through a complicated tax code.  You would keep more of your money up front, throughout the year.

Another big fearmongering lie is “federal employees will work without pay”… stfu, this broke ass indebted government will pay all their loyal followers…  Just like all the times before, congress will pass a bill to pay everyone… They will say things like “OMG 41,000 federal law enforcement and correctional officers from the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and thousands of other law enforcement and correctional officers won’t get paid!!!”  Yes they will, stfu fearmongering slave driver.  They will just print more money for all their big government dependent worshipers.

But why do they threat the closing mommy and daddy government?  All over paying for national border security.  The funny thing is, you know these politicians are full of shit when Rand Paul publishes “wasteful federal spending” [1] and we all know what they can divert money from those trash expenditures to pay for security with a flick of a pen.  Hell, the great wall of China was built over hills and mountains and can be seen from space… long before modern technologies.  What’s America’s excuse?

If you are dependent on unemployment benefits, Social Security, Welfare, or a government subsidies that you are absolutely dependent on for surviving… you have failed.  You have failed as an American and you have failed your grand children and their children.  The greed of a comfortable living has made you a slave to the federal government to the point that you “fear” a government shut down.  Check out … and pat yourself on the back, you helped create that.

Want to know how this is a sham?  Notice, if the government shuts down… they will still tax you all the same.  Even though they may limit your access to tax dollars… they will still tax everyone the same amount.   So, if you think about it, government shut downs would reduce the debt and deficit spending far greater than having those morons pass all these spending bills…

If you see past all the fearmongering propaganda, a government shut down isn’t such a bad thing for a “free” society.   This was more of a rant.  What do you think?  How dependent are you on the federal government?



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