Is America a Republic, or a Democracy, or Neither?

Well, a lot has changed over the past year. Hell, a lot has changed over the past 10 years! So, with all the changes and events that have taken place, what governing system is America now? Well, first we need to look at what defines the different systems and compare that to what has been happening in America today.

What is a Republic?

A “Republic” is defined as: “a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.”

Is America a Republic?

So, the question becomes “Who holds the ‘supreme power’ in America?” In a republic, it is “by the people AND their elected representatives.” Do you really think, “The People” share the supreme power with “elected representatives”? NOPE. This is false. The nation wide lockdowns prove this to be false. The recent suppression of the people’s free speech by big tech companies and the purposeful lack of action by the “elected representatives” also disproves this. The failure of the court system to validate the people’s supreme power also verifies this fallacy. Finally, the election itself, is rot with corruption, questioning the validity of these “elected representatives.”

The People, include, protesters, small business owners, and people who work underpaid jobs to feed their families. Do you really think they share in this “supreme power?” How can they be deemed “non-essential” and forced to shut down if they actually have supreme power? Then, when some of these people exercise their power and frustrations, their representatives deem them “domestic terrorists,” and “unlawful rioters.” And how can UNELECTED corporation CEOS make the decision of their own will to silence and censor The People? It is clear, that The People do not hold any “supreme power.”

Therefore, we can conclude that America is NOT or NO LONGER a Republic.

What is a Democracy?

A “Democracy” is defined as: “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.”

Is America a Democracy?

Are all Americans governed by the whole population’s majority decisions, and this majority through elected representatives? This seems more reasonable of a comparison. When we look into the details we can see evidence for this system. The issue of Abortion for example. A serious social issue. 61% of American’s are in favor of its legality [1]. Thus, public policy and laws reflect this. 61% also favor gay marriage and gay rights, which, also reflects in public policy [2]. 67% support the legalization of marijuana, and as time goes on, we see public policy and laws changing to reflect this as well. 66-68% of Americans are worried the lockdown restrictions were/will be lifted too quickly, thus, showing they in some ways support them. 59% of people want the government involved in their healthcare, which the government was more than happy to do [5]. 60% of people still want even more stricter gun control laws, which, the government has done, and still has plans on doing.

But then we run into a divide between the majority of people and the elected officials. 66% say that civilians need to be more empowered to sue police over police brutality, yet, law makers aren’t willing to reflect that. 92% of people feel it should be a crime for police to use choke holds. 69% of people say police aren’t being held accountable for misconduct. 73% want to keep police budgets the same or slightly increase, but we see local governments in opposition to this [4]. 62% view the federal tax system as unfair. But, we don’t see elected officials changing that. 68% want to raise taxes on corporations, but, this hasn’t happened either [5].

It seems that the elected representatives only seem to support the majority in some things, but not in others. But, this is part of a democracy. If the democratic people don’t like their representative, for not doing enough, or doing too little, they elect a new representative. In theory, that sounds good. But, in reality, it’s not that simple.

Nanci Pelosi, for example, represents the 12 District in California, which is essentially all of San Francisco. Where the medium income is around $120k and a population of 800,000 people. In essence, she only represents 0.2% of Americans. Yet, as speaker of the house, she wheals the power to influence all Americans. She, alone, makes decisions that impact people she doesn’t even represent. There are A LOT of “rules” and “procedures” like this all throughout congress. This, in essence, circumvents the representation aspect of public office. More and more of these ideals and positions have become ingrained in American government.

Governmental regulatory bodies, like the ATF, FDA, IRS, FCC, and EPA are just unelected, appointed, government officials that make regulations that are enforceable like laws. There is NO elected representation here. And these are huge. They create regulations that impact all Americans and all American’s must comply or face fines and legal issues. This is not democratic in anyway. In fact, this is so huge and such a big part of the American system, it’s easy to say it makes up 70% of the federal government, unelected regulatory authorities.

We can actually come to a good estimate that only 25% of the American system is democratic. The other 75% are congressional rules and polices with regulatory bodies that aren’t elected or represent the people of their regions.

Therefore, we can conclude that America is barely a Democracy.

If America is NOT a Republic and hardly a Democracy, what is it?

Well, let’s consider the facts. Both parties expand the size of government, both parties increase federal spending, and both parties utilize the authority of the federal government to force their agendas. We can say that both parties are One party that is Pro-Big Government. They share the same ideology of big one big powerful government.

Because both parties use their governmental powers to force the people to comply in the most basic ways; such as in “stay-at-home” orders, suspending religious worship, and forced closure of small private business while supporting larger corporate operations, we can say that the American government is, in fact, authoritarian. There are only a handful of politicians that impact all Americans AND there are a handful of corporate CEOs who also wheeled unchecked power over all Americans. Therefore, we can conclude that America is an authoritarian Oligarchy.

What is an Oligarchy?

An Oligarchy is defined as: “a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.”

Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader, Committee Chairman, and the CEOs of the fortune 50 companies… these are the few who have control of America. It’s that simple.

The Senate Majority Leader, Mitch “The Bitch” Mcconnell single highhandedly prevented you from being given your own tax dollars back to you in the “stimulus” but was perfectly fine with giving other people all other the world hundreds of billions of YOUR tax dollars…

Did you see a third party presidential candidate on the debate stage during the elections? They were on the ballot, though. That’s because both parties prevented them from attending, and the CEOs of the “News” networks didn’t invite them either. They don’t share in the same One Big Government as Republicans and Democrats do.

Mark Zucc, Jack Douchy, and CEOs of Amazon, Google, and Apple, censor you and prevent private companies to empower your free speech, single highhandedly, and no one in government is defending your rights of free speech. Hell, this post will even be shadow banned, and all our pages reach have been reduced already. They banned a sitting president of the United States, a public official, from using their free-and-open-to-the-public services. This is not an argument as to whether or not they should as a private company themselves, but used to show the power they have, over you; an oligarchy.

In fact, in light of all the recent events,

America is MORE of an authoritarian oligarchy than it is Democratic.

Voting for Republican OR Democrat is still voting for those who support one big government. This is the illusion that America is the example of Democracy… when it is hardly such.

But, you silly Americans, you keep paying your taxes and you keep voting harder for the few to spend your money and rule over you; obey peasants.


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