It’s Almost Time to Really Think About It

head_of_louisiana_dem_party_calls_for_repeal_of_2nd_amendment-794x392As more and more young tide pod eating children, indoctrinated by public schools, public media, and colleges, are flooding the to the polls to vote;  they will vote for politicians who are now openly calling for ever more limited 2nd amendment right and some even an all out repeal of the 2nd Amendment its self: it is almost that time to really think about; whether or not you will hand over your firearms if/when that time comes.

Of course, on the surface, most people who believe in the 2nd Amendment right will say they wont.  But really?  When investigators come to your door on a tip that you are in possession of a firearm, are you going to cower and say “yes I found it, here you go” or “nope, sorry, I lost it years ago (lying)” or are you going to be strong enough to stand your ground, with your firearm, and say “COME AND TAKE IT” as you prepare to justly defend yourself with it.

Some will believe that just handing it over peacefully is the best option; what they fail to see is the selfishness in that.  They willingly give up the ultimate form of protection and individual sovereignty because they are either scared or just want to avoid confrontations, or both.  Either way, congrats, you are giving away the freedoms of your grand children.

If you think “Sure, repeal the 2nd Amendment, I can still protect my family” you have failed to understand history and the human heart.  That or, you, like the reasoning above, are scared or just to cowardly to confront the loss of freedom.  When the government tells you what to teach your children, what job you can and can not have, where you can and can not travel, and all you have to defend your self is your mouth, which they will silence too… you will realize that the moment you gave away your freedoms, is when you gave the power to the government to take away the very tool that makes individual sovereignty and freedoms possible.  Your grandchildren, whether they know it or not, will sadly thank you for the freedomless world they live in because of your action or inaction.

We can all agree that an unjust law is one that violates our inalienable rights.  We can all agree that unjust laws should not be followed.  We can all agree that Jim Crow laws should be disobeyed.  We can all agree that the officers of the Nazi SS should have not followed orders to kill millions of innocent people.  We are all thankful that the founding fathers did not hand over their weapons when the British required them too.  We are all thankful that Abraham Lincoln forcefully rejected the laws in the southern states.   We are all thankful the Supreme Court overturned previous rulings that supported slavery and later, separate but equal laws.  We are all thankful that Martin Luther King Jr. took a stand against unjust laws.  There are hundreds of examples of disobeying unjust laws was in fact just and righteous and where individuals SHOULD have disobeyed laws that lead to the death of millions.  Therefore, any rational free person can agree that a law is unjust when it takes away the freedom to protect ones self, family, and from any future tyrannical government.

Really, think about it, what are you going to do when elected politicians vote to repeal the 2nd Amendment?  Are you going to continue to live your life like nothing happened?  Unlike in the past, this is actually been thrown around and discussed more openly than ever before.

Of course we will be called ‘alarmist extremest’, which should be expected and isn’t surprising, heck, maybe we will even be called racist too, not a shocker, but we are  talking about WHAT IS ACTUALLY BEING DISCUSSED:  The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, LA Times, CBS, and The Washington Post all discuss the idea of it, most of them are positive about it.  One even claims a poll states 1 in 5 Americans are in favor of repealing the 2nd Amendment.  Sorry, we logically can’t be ‘alarmists’ or ‘extremists’ if we aren’t the only ones talking about.

If they can discuss Repealing the 2nd Amendment, because we are a free society, WE can discuss what we are willing to do to keep the 2nd Amendment and keeping our God given right to protect ourselves against tyranny and oppression.

Do you think the Jews were thinking 10 years prior to the concentration camps in Nazi Germany that they were going to be mass murdered?  Do you think 10 years prior all those who simply disagreed with Chairman Mao and Joseph Stalin, they would be murdered and starved to death by the millions?  If you asked them, they may have shrugged their shoulders and said something like “nah, that wouldn’t happen”…

They didn’t think about, what if.  They just went with the flow of government and next thing they knew, they were disarmed, hated, vilified, targeted and boarding train cars to re-education camps…

It is almost time for YOU to think about what you would do when the government votes to disarm you.  God forbid it happens, but for the very same reason we lock our doors at night, security and prevention is a thought out risk reduction and defense-ability act we all do.  What security and preventative measures are you willing to do for your family if the government seeks to disarm you and increase your risk of harm while decreasing your defense-ability?  It is the same concept of the government banning door locks for what ever reason.  Keep in mind, THE MAIN REASON for the 2nd Amendment is to protect AGAINST a government that turns against a portion of its own people.

Get involved in Gun Clubs and other 2nd Amendment organizations.  Talk with friends and family.  Make a family plan.  Meet with people in the community and organizations you are part of and form a plan.  Be committed to disobey any unjust law.  Support all those who feel and do the same.  Be prepared for what we hope never happens.

Remember all those Patriots throughout history have taken a stand for the right that we are letting slip away.  The colonialist rejected unjust Gun Control and now we live in the most powerful nation on earth.  The Texas residents rejected unjust Gun Control and now we have one of the most successful states in America.  Each have a flag that stood for almost the same principles, passed on for us to fly now:

come and take it  dont tread on me

They made a decision and stood fast against injustice.  What will you do?  Have you thought about it?

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