Merry Christmas!

Oops, was that noninclusive and offensive?  What about Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa?  Idk, what about them?  None of those are celebrated on 25 December.  On this day, 25 December, only Christmas is the event celebrated on that day.  Today is 25 December, therefore, Merry Christmas.  Hanukkah ended on 10 December and Kwanzaa starts 26 December.  Today, is Christmas. Then, here come all the Christian haters, like clock work, saying things like “dumb Christians are celebrating a pagan holiday”.  No kidding!  wow, thats amazing.  Cool story bro.  Now sit down snowflake as I choose how I want to celebrate that day as I make it a day about Jesus and no longer about its pagan roots.  Kinda like how the snowflakes change the meanings of words.  The meaning of this season and celebration, also changed.

Then other intolerant Christian haters will say things like “but you don’t even know when he was born, if he was even real at all”.   Again, cool story snowflake bro.  Do you celebrate your bday at the very moment you were born?  Nope.  You have candles and cake at 3:30AM, the exact time you were born?  You find a convenient time and place to celebrate, and some times, your party isn’t even on your bday but on the weekend or on a more convenient day so that friends and family can attend.   To believe he wasn’t born is to have more faith in your own fairy tail than to believe all the non-christian ancient historians who recorded his historic existence.

Funny how no one has an issue with taking the day off from work and receiving gifts.  Do all those anti-christmas nazis return the gifts and money they are given on this day?  Ya right.  They keep the gifts given to them, and use them lol; I know this because I give gifts to all those who don’t celebrate Christmas.  God forbid we are all forced to take a day off, share gifts, think of other people, and spend time with friends and family… such an evil day *sarcasm*

See, today isn’t about YOU.  Its about selflessness.  Its about loving your neighbors, strangers, and enemies.  Its a day to remember that we were all given the ultimate gift.  The gift of a savior who selflessly gave the gift of eternal life by sacrificing himself.  Sheesh, sounds like something to be offended about.  Hate on the idea of selflessness, sacrificial giving, and good will toward friends, family, strangers, and enemies.  The evil of the spirit of Christmas… *sarcasm*

So today, for Christmas, give the gift of love and generosity; in-spite of all the Christmas hatefulness and negativity.   Let them say “happy holidays” and you replay with “Merry Christmas”.  Even if they want to hold some sort of grudge, you be merry for them.  You show them that your merriness is something that can not be stopped.  That your merriness is greater than their annoyed intolerance.



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