New Jersey Hates Your Rights

While it is just a logical fact that criminals do not follow laws and there are more “gun free” zones all over New Jersey, the only safe place is in your home, for now. Why? because criminals (or people who want to defend themselves, now deemed criminals) will now have “high capacity” magazines OR a ton of “lower” capacity magazines and just quickly reload in the “gun free” zones. Either, they hate your rights to defend yourself against tyranny; or the officials the citizens of New Jersey elected are morons and ignorant of statistics and logic.

How are they morons and Ignorant?

Well, first of all lets point out that the shooting at the Art All Night festival in Trenton; the police knew about and were tipped off. “Reed Gusciora, the mayor-elect, confirmed there had been unspecified threats of violence before the shooting. He said he had received a screenshot of a Facebook post on Sunday that said: “Please, please do not go to Art All Night! They will be shooting it up!”. Here’s the kicker: “multiple weapons were recovered from the scene, including a handgun with an “extended capacity magazine” that could hold more ammunition than permitted under state law.” Sooooo, the law failed to do anything… Here’s an even better comment: “New Jersey was ranked by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence as second to California in having the country’s most stringent gun restrictions.”[1]. Ah, having the countries most stringent gun restrictions… failed as well… So what’s going to keep it from failing next time? Their logic is… you guessed it, more gun control laws…

If you research the statistics, you will find that crime is falling, long before these gun control laws were passed. Falling since 2002 to be specific. The six new gun control laws were only recently passed in 2018. That means, for 16 years, crime was falling without these new gun control laws. [2]

The New Jersey Red Flag law sounds like this: “allowing a gun owner’s family — who believe that individual poses a danger — to petition a judge to have the gun removed and to prohibit further firearms sales. If the judge found the concern to be credible, he or she could issue a restraining order immediately. The gun owner would then come in for a hearing within a week or two, at which point the length of the restraining order would be determined. Orders can last for up to a year.” They tied it to the idea of a Domestic Violence restraining Order. But there is a one major logical problem. The Domestic Violence restraining Order is justified because the individual has actually committed a crime; in the case of the Red Flag “restraining Order”, the accused has not. They are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, except, not in New Jersey. So now, any gun owner in New Jersey, who gets into a argument with a family member can have their 2nd Amendment right’s revoked without actual due process… This leads us to the next point.
How they hate your rights

If you are a law abiding gun owner, you are actually seen as a potential murderer; simply because you own a firearm. Because of a family members perceived concern (that you may become some mass killer, because you own guns), and a judge’s gun control bias (that you may turn into a mass killer); you may be denied your 2nd Amendment right. The subconscious hate for your 2nd Amendment right is clear in the willingness to assume you may be criminal, before you even commit any crime. Then, strip you of your right prior to a real due process…

Where are the laws that punish CRIMINALS, or people that have actually already violated a just law? It is almost like New Jersey is trying to set up their own “Minority Report” system like in that movie with Tom Cruise; a sort of “pre-crime” law enforcement. Except, they don’t really know if anyone is actually going to commit any crimes; they just assume you may.

They fail to see that THAT is a crime. To deprive someone of their constitutional rights to bear arms and to due process. The act of enforcing Red Flag laws is more criminal, ethically, than not complying with the Red Flag law in the first place. Police, are nothing more than “yes men” as they robotically do what they are told, even if it’s a constituional violation…

A Federal Judge then allowed for the law to go into effect instead of ruling on an injunction. Justified by the notion that it is in the public’s best interest over the accused 2nd Amendment rights to self defense… but… the laws continue to fail, because, by definition, criminals do not obey them… Thus, in-effect, the judge ruled against non criminals assuming they may soon become one by owning a “high capacity” magazine…

What the politicians, judges, and supporters are essentially saying is that your freedoms in the 2nd Amendment may make you a criminal; therefore, you need less 2nd Amendment freedoms. And don’t worry, the Supreme Court will most likely rule for “public safety” over your constitutional rights.
Who is fighting for your rights in New Jersey?

ANJRPC, you failed your members and your purpose of existence. Contact them and let them know how they failed their members in New Jersey. In fact, all you New Jersey gun clubs failed to actually support your members and their 2nd Amendment rights ( There is almost no news, videos, tweets, or facebook posts showing you guys out in the streets protesting these 2nd amendment infringements. I take that back, about 250 people showed up to at least say something [3]. A measly 250 people… There are some pictures of a couple people waiving the “don’t tread on me flag”… stfu, they are treading all over you. That is a cute “noisy” protest you guys put on… but as you haven’t noticed, it did nothing.

Apparently there is a New Jersey III%ers group [4]. Good job guys… #fail.

Apparently there is a Oak Keepers of New Jersey [5]. Good job, you guys failed at your oath.

Apparently there is a New Jersey 2nd Amendment Socieity [6]. Good job, you are accomplishing the exact opposite of what you are about.

All these groups, and only 250 people manage to roll out of bed, get a day off from work, and show up? Really? Don’t blame the politicians, they were elected…

Get your shit together, communicate, plan, organize, support and execute a united front to actual, openly, publicly, defend and fight for the rights of everyone. Your current effort and strategy, is accomplishing nothing. Talk to your friends, family, and co-workers. Communicate with other like minded organizations. Plan and execute more direct protests; more often.

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