No One Wants to Take Your Guns, We Just Want to Take Guns.


That is one of those cute things you say to people to avoid the real agenda.  Kinda like when your wife asks “does this make me look fat”.  There is only one answer a husband should give.  Here the citizens are asking “are you trying to take our guns away from us?” and of course Gun Control advocates respond with “no”.  BUT what is really happening?

Creating all kinds of state and federal rules, regulations and laws on the surface looks like an attempt to keep guns away from bad guys.  Chicago, Illinois is a good example of super strict gun laws.  So much so the Supreme Court had to strike down one of their handgun bans.  But how’s that working out for that population… not so good.  All those laws and mass amounts of people keep getting murdered.  So if Chicago proves more and more, stricter and stricter gun laws… don’t work; what is another result of all these laws and regulations?

Laws that restrict transfers, magazine capacities, type of firearms able to be purchased, complicated open and conceal carry laws, bans on certain firearm accessories… and guess what happens if you, a good gun owning law abiding citizen, can’t remember each and every law imposed… and unintentionally forget to fill out a certain form… boom, felony.  Then what?  They can take your guns.  Kinda like a backdoor confiscation.  Sounds unrealistic?  That is how the ATF has busts citizens with Suppressors.  The process for obtaining a suppressor is different than purchasing a handgun.  They are registered to individuals, require a different form, different tax payment for each, different identification process, and special ATF stamp on the returned form; all before possession and after purchase.  Almost like a “gotcha” if something isn’t done correctly and you are in possession of a suppressor.

Bump Stocks is the new thing in the ever growing list of things to ban related to firearms.  Like this ban will some how stop people from shooting their semi-automatic rifle like a full auto… kinda like if you kept pulling the trigger repeatedly with your finger instead… anyways;  ATF is telling citizens to turn in and/or destroy bump stocks or else… or else what?  You get arrested, charged with a felony and get all your guns confiscated.

So go right ahead free citizen and purchase firearms… just make sure you abide by the ever growing and changing laws and regulations over firearms or The Government will confiscate them after charging you with a felony.  They don’t have to ban guns, they just need to make the system so complicated that it causes gun owners to slip up and deter citizens from wanting to own them.

The new strategy to go around the 2nd Amendment is two fold:  (1) Declare someone mentally unstable and boom, take their guns.  (2)  Have private businesses financially punish pro-gun companies.   What happens WHEN the day comes that the government (supported by bias anti-gun psychiatrists) deems someone as religious extreme and declares this a form of mental illness that risks shootings.  Or someone who is politically active and is a dedicated political activist who is also an avid 2nd amendment supporter; and the government deems them a high risk…  Bank of America and Dicks Sporting Goods and other companies have decided to stop doing business with firearms companies as they see fit.  Of course this is their right.  But punishing companies who exercises a Constitutional Right?  It seems like there is a new trend of discriminating against people and businesses that support certain constitutional rights.


Bottom line, yes, a lot of them DO want to take your guns away.  We see it written all over their anti-gun rally signs.  We had a supreme court justice advocate for repealing the 2nd Amendment.  The Washington Post even published a pole that showed that 39% of democrats do want to repeal the 2nd Amendment.  The Fact is, these people are DO (willing to admit it or not) want to take away your right to protect yourself and your family arguing that less guns will reduce crime… hows that working out for Chicago and London?

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