Organize & Support Protests and Rallies

ralliesThere are many resources that we, a free people, can use to organize and support protests and rallies for freedom and constitutional rights.  It is easier than most people think.Contact the organization you are wanting to support and find out if they have any upcoming planned marches, rallies, and/or protests

  2. (search ‘rallies’)
  3. (search ‘protest’, ‘rally’, ‘march’)

If you don’t see an event planned, BE THE CHANGE and create one:

  1. Contact the organizations that support the social issue you want to support.
  2. Create a free email account to be used for the event and social networking accounts.
  3. Create a Facebook page and Twitter account for the future event and built support and relay information.  But because facebook and twitter like to block and ban conservative efforts, it is best not to use your personal account.
  4. Create a Meetup group to begin the planning.
  5. Hold meetings to finalize the desired location and date.
  6. Try to obtain permit to avoid some issues.
  7. Create a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the event.
  8. List the event on all major event sharing platforms such as Rallylist, Eventbrite, and Facebook Events.
  9. Use donations like GoFundMe donations for advertising the page/event on Facebook and Twitter.
  10. Contact local government representatives, business owners, and organization leaders and invite their participation.
  11. Contact police departments to inform them of the upcoming event.
  12. Speak to your family, friends, and local community to encourage them to take and stand with you, for the cause.

While at events, take a lot of pictures.  If the rally is big and conservative, odds are the news will either not report it or only report any negative thing about it.  Sharing the pictures of the event on social media helps show the public the truth of the event.

Hecklers like the Antifa nut jobs and others will most likely attend and purposefully cause disturbances.  Pictures help expose these fakes and separate the actual supporters from the fake clowns.

Avoid using your real name and any personal information if possible.  First of all, it is not about YOU but the cause!  Second, as seen by the actions of anti-freedom people, they will personally attack you and try to ruin your life outside of the event.  Protect yourself, your friends, and your family.  Its a shame we have to be concerned about this in a free nation but this is where things have come.

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