Proof Trump is Racist?

Everyone likes to throw around the label of being a racist to shut up an opposing view (anit-free speech by the way).  Trump is by far labeled as racist the most without thought or question.  But what is the proof that proves that he is?  We found an article from, none other than, the Huffington Post that listed the best examples, or proof, of his racism.   Are they legit proof, or more knee-jerk emotionally irrational excuses to label someone as such?There are a few things we need to point out to the readers.  WE ARE NOT Trump fanatics. We are NOT republicans.  This author isn’t even white.  Now that I addressed those judgemental hateful assumptions we can move on to the next thing.  We need to look past the hateful undertones of the article itself.  It is clear, Lydia O’Connor and Daniel Marans, are full of hate for Trump.  That aside, emotions in check, rational thought and logic used, we can now look at their material examples. (read the HuffPost article here)

(1)  A Muslim father Khizr Khan.  This father took pot shots at Trump on a political stage at the DNC.

Later Trump made a statement on ABC News that Khan’s wife was not able to speak due to their Muslim faith.  Apparently this was racist… first of all, Islam, isn’t a race; its a religion.  Secondly, IN THE KORAN, woman are not even allowed to shake hands with other men that are not her family.  “The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) said: “The one who touches the hand of a woman without having a lawful relation with her, will have an ember (hot coal) placed on his palm on the Day of Judgement.” (Fath-al-Qadir)” In fact, woman CAN NOT do a lot with other men who are not their family.  I know this because I have a lot of family who are Muslim.  THEREFORE, Trumps assumption would make sense given the amount of restrictions Islam imposes on women.  [1]  It is impossible for Trump to be a racist with this argument because Muslims aren’t a race and Islam imposes A LOT of restrictions on women, justifying Trumps assumption.

(2)  Trump claimed a Hispanic judge made a bias ruling due to his Hispanic heritage.

Gonzalo Curiel, the federal judge presiding over a class action against the for-profit Trump University.  Where he ruled against Trump University.  Trump disagreed with the ruling and said it may have something to do with the judge being Mexican.  First, is the judge even Mexican?  His parents, Salvador and Francisca, had legally emigrated from Mascota, a small Mexican town near Puerto Vallarta in the state of Jalisco [2].  Wait, so according to logic and the social construction or “race”, he would be considered Mexican.  So, Trump isn’t wrong.  Is it wrong to call a person from Mexico, a Mexican?  This dividing label/ racial origin is used all the time for African Americans… Mexicans call themselves Mexicans! lol.  Is he then wrong to assume the judge may have a bias toward him; due to the wall issue?  According to CBS News “But unlike Americans overall, Hispanics place more importance on dealing with illegal immigrants in the U.S. over border security. Seventy-six percent of Hispanics, and 61% of the public overall, oppose building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border…79% of Hispanics (compared to 56% of non-Hispanics) think Republican nominee Donald Trump is too harsh in his approach to illegal immigration“.  When considering the stats and the surveys, one can reasonably conclude a potential influence in the ruling.  White people and racial systemic oppression is judged by statistics; Trump can too.  THEREFORE, it is not irrational to think that some sort of bias may have played a role in the judges ruling.  All white juries are judged all the time for this.

(3)  “The Justice Department sued his company ― twice ― for not renting to black people”.

We first need to understand that Trump, himself, personally, does not do the hands on work.  He has staff that do this.  Notice the article keeps saying that Trump, himself, did this and that.  No, staff did.  Yes, his company did come to an agreement.   Trump, as the spokesman, “who emphasized that the agreement was not an admission of guilt, later crowed that he was satisfied because it did not require them to accept persons on welfare as tenants unless as qualified as any other tenant.“.  Good, I don’t blame him.  Being around welfare all my life, I would agree with him lol and THAT has nothing to do with race.  So here we are, still waiting to see how this is directly from the mouth of Trump… cute paragraph about a company where he had to speak for, but, as for him, and his personal beliefs… still waiting.  Its not there.  Nothing more than the issues of the company of his and staffers… in 1973 lol!  Boy, if we can try and pull dirt from decades ago, let us just remind everyone that the democratic party were KKK members just 10 years before that Trump case lol.

(4)  “In fact, discrimination against black people has been a pattern in his career”

Notice that this “pattern” also assumes #3 we just discussed.  Not exactly a pattern of Trump personally.  But, for the sake of argument and snowflake emotional instability we will continue.  “ Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, have accused him of racism over the years. The New Jersey Casino Control Commission fined the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino $200,000 in 1992 because managers would remove African-American card dealers at the request of a certain big-spending gambler. A state appeals court upheld the fine.“… yup, still not Trump personally; but at least they state “managers”.

Get ready for the introduction of hear-say and third hand opinions preached as fact.  “When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor,” Kip Brown, a former employee at Trump’s Castle, told the New Yorker for a September article. “It was the eighties, I was a teen-ager, but I remember it: they put us all in the back.”.  You know, there is a reason why “hear-say” is not admissible testimony in court.  It’s not reliable and can’t be proven.

Then a book by an employee who was fired claimed all kinds of slanderous things about Trump.  Again, assumed to be true (but inadmissible in a court of law for a reason).  Trump said that he only met the guy a couple times!  That’s like ME saying something like “oh I heard Obama say this and that” and then ignorant morons believing what I said about Obama as fact.  Not to mention the author has the perfect revenge motive to make a ton of money.

Then here comes another one “In 1996, 20 African Americans in Indiana sued Trump for failing to honor a promise to hire mostly minority workers for a riverboat casino on Lake Michigan.”  LOL talk about feeling entitled and privileged over other races.  Doing so, to “hire mostly minority workers”, would require Trump to discriminate against another race; exactly what they accuse him of doing, yet, they ask for it lol.

Still, no personal pattern of Trump himself discriminating; just a bunch of accusations of other people doing it.

(5)  The bias headline of the next “proof” is beyond entertaining- “He refused to condemn the white supremacists who are campaigning for him”.

“Refused” lol who the hell was this guy before CNN made him famous lol.  Kinda hard to condemn people you don’t know or have never heard of.  BUT HERE IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF LEFT HATE.  They CONDEMN people they don’t even know and they EXPECT everyone else to condemn people no one knows.  THAT IS HATE.  I don’t blame Trump for not caving to the pressure to judge and condemn people he doesn’t know.  The LEFT calls everyone Racists… most of whom aren’t.  That’s why you can’t just believe what the left says about people.  Trump was right, he needed to research him first.  THEN after learning about this man, David Duke, he did disavow him; the very next day!  If I tell you “Michael Harbaw is a racist and he supports you, do you condemn him”  Why should you know who Michael Harbaw is in the first place?  What?  You don’t know who he is?  Then, why should you be compelled to condemn him on the spot; just based off of what I said about him… SECONDLY, Trump can not control who supports him.  White hating, violence seeking, extremists in the New Black Panther party supported Obama.  Antifa, labeled a domestic terrorist group, supports Berney Sanders… they were never called to condemn them.  Huffington Post is condemning Trump for what other people do lol.

(6)  This next paragraph is entertaining as well “He questioned whether President Obama was born in the United States”.

SO?  Apparently the founding fathers felt it was important enough to have it detailed in the creation of the greatest nation on earth.  If the people of this nation want to question the birth place of the president, they can.  Its called freedom.  May be silly, but is it is still freedom.  BUT apparently this is racist.  I guess the founding fathers were all racists for including this statement:

Section 1, Article 2

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States

So, for Trump to ensure the Constitution is being upheld, he is racist lol.  It is also called politics.  Jabs at a political opponent.  Sorry, this claim of racism; is hateful judgementalism supported by the Huffington Post.

But lets address the first sentence of this paragraph.  “Long before calling Mexican immigrants “criminals” and “rapists,”  Ah, I could post all day hundreds of articles of Mexican immigrants who have committed serious crimes, such as rape.  Not to mention the logical fallacy.  The millions of illegal immigrants ARE from Mexico… and are violating federal and state laws…. and violating laws makes someone a… you guessed it, a criminal.  This imposed idea of racism defies logic and reasoning.

(7)  The logical hypocrisy with this one is awesome- “He treats racial groups as monoliths”

They argue against collectivism to slander Trump.  YET that’s all they do with the LGBTQ Community, white people, and “persons of color” LOL.  But their point is that he uses “THE” before each group… that doesn’t change anything lol.  If is say THE Muslims or Muslims… I am still referring to the exact same people group.  If you say THE White people or just White people, you are still saying the same thing!  The petty hypocrisy of the Huffington Post is awesome.

Yes, he does generalize people groups.  The taco tweet highlights this.  BUT WHAT ABOUT THE COMMENTS LIKE “things white people say” or “things white people do”?  Even “acting white” is a normal generalization.  Or “speaking white” refers to speaking proper English because, apparently, that’s what all white people do…

Can’t blame Trump when you say and believe collectivist generalizations about entire people groups too.

(8)  “He trashed Native Americans, too”  Notice how they injected the word “too” lol

He’s right.  The Mafia does not look like “Indians”, because, well, they aren’t.  Even to this day, the Mob and reminisce of organized crime still has a hand in sports betting, horse raising, high stakes poker, and loan sharking… all the things involved in casinos [4].  In 1993, when Trump was interviewed, the influence of the Mob was still felt in the casino industry.  Famous mobsters were assassinated and their bodies were found only 6 years before that interview with Trump; and The Chicago Tribune reported that on Sept. 27, 2007, a federal grand jury in Chicago found three aging mobsters responsible for 10 murders [5].  Trump wanted to open a casino, and it seems that in 1993, he still had good reason to have issue with a mob involvement in the casino industry.  THEREFORE, he was honest in his concern given the truth about the mob and the casinos.

The ignorant “too”  addition by the Huffington Post just goes to highlight their indoctrination attempt and getting you to assume everything else they have claimed up to this point was racist.  But, looking at their claims logically and rationally, they are still failing.

(9)  “He encouraged the mob justice that resulted in the wrongful imprisonment of the Central Park Five”  THE IRONY OF THIS CLAIM IS AMAZING

I like how they said “mob justice”.  Yes, even though Trump may have been wrong to assume they were guilty, that does not mean it had anything to do with their race.  Crime was bad in NY and that crime was terrible.

Let us now look at the LEFTS take on “mob justice” [6][7].  With NO evidence.  NO witnesses.  NO real details.  and NOTHING that could stand in a trial… The Huffington Post appeals to Mob Justice to slander (innocent until proven guilty) Justice Kavanaugh.  Who the F cares who sides with who?  Where is the proof and evidence?  That is their argument against Trump lol.  WAIT, if that means Trump is racist for “mob justice”… what does that make the Huffington Post?  Moving on.

(10)  Now they seem to be grasping for straws- “He condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester

What is wrong with “roughing up” someone who interferes with the right to freely assemble and free speech?  Someone who tries to silence me will get roughed up.  Has nothing to do with their race.  I think Trump really doesn’t care what they were chanting besides the fact they were interfering and interrupting him.  But, again, the Huffington Post tries to blame Trump for other people’s actions.  Was he kicked and punched?  Idk, couldn’t tell in the video.  But he was refusing to leave, and thus, those who were there to enjoy a rally, had to assist in pushing him away.  That is actually a crime.

I like how the HuffPost used the word “beating” and after watching the video… that was far from a beating.  My parents would spank me, and that was worse than what that man got.  Once again, nothing to do with race but HuffPost wants you to think it was.  fail.

(11)  “He called supporters who beat up a homeless Latino man “passionate”-  LOL if that was who he was actually talking about

More about our point about how he is blamed for other people’s actions; HuffPost hatefully states “Trump’s racial incitement has already inspired hate crimes.”  First of all, as we continually show, Trumps “racial incitement” is really what they are claiming it is.  And the “inspired hate crimes” is a malicious attempt to associate Trump to something that was not Trump.  By their logic, all Muslims are guilty of terror attacks because terrorists conduct their hateful acts in the name of Islam…  They must now believe that Muhammad is guilty of inciting hate crimes against all nonmuslims because of the acts of a few Islamic terrorist… They would never claim that but their logic does…  The Huffington Post should be blamed for the actions of Antifa… Thus, their logic is actually flawed and their claim is actually hateful slander.  More hateful than Trump lol.

These individuals, who are not Trump, “both have extensive criminal records” (prior to Trump).  These criminals then make a statement related to Trump, but still, they are not Trump; and Trump can not control what they do.  Here is where Trump is grossly taken out of context for the sake of hateful slander.  What he DID say is this ““I haven’t heard about that,” Trump said of the attack when asked if he was concerned about his campaign speeches inciting violence. “I think that would be a shame.” [8] Hu, the HuffPost left that out didn’t they.  He THEN redirected the conversation BACK to the conversation PRIOR to the question about the beating of the homeless man; about his specific supporters (who did not include these criminals) where he then said ““I will say, the people that are following me are very passionate. They love this country. They want this country to be great again. But they are very passionate. I will say that.”  But the HuffPost left out the context too hu.  That quote had nothing to do with the criminals who beat the homeless man AND Trump already said it would be a shame.  But, in the name of hateful slander, they want to control your thinking.

(12)  “He stereotyped Jews and shared an anti-Semitic meme created by white supremacists” – Suddenly, the Left cares about Antisemitism.

Lets look at the facts.  Jewish Americans are the wealthiest community with 44% making over 100k a year.  Hindu community under them at about 36%.  And Episcopal Christians under that at 35%.  [9] 60% of Jewish Americas have completed college and 31% have completed a post-graduate degree.  The highest of all religious communities.  In 2014, all of the top 10 businesses were owned, in some part, by a member of the Jewish community [10].  Of the 442 billionaires in America, 24% of them are Jewish. [11].  So, with all that researched and said; Trump would have known this.  Thus, his “stereotype” actually reflects statistical facts.  But then they claim he makes a anti-Semitic statement:  ““You’re not going to support me, because I don’t want your money,” he said. “You want to control your own politician.”  Welp, on average, statistically, the Jewish community involved in politics are Democrat and lean to a socialistic view [12].  So… yeah… he is right, they mostly wont support him and he wouldn’t want donations with strings attached.  “Your money” refers to anyone who uses money to control; not a race, ethnicity, or nationality.  I wouldn’t want YOUR money if it required me to do your bidding…

An awesome article, for once, by the New York Post; details the lefts silence and acceptance of anti-semitic remarks and ideals held by leaders of the left [13].  We did a search in the HuffPost regarding some of the statements and the HuffPost is silent lol.

And don’t get me started on “stereotypes”.  HuffPost can’t even begin to claim this is evil, when, in fact, they stereotype white people all the time.  Also, black people, proclaiming that all black people think one way or another about race.  They are willingly blind to the fact that there are black people who think freely from the Democrat plantation of racial thought (I’m one of them).

Then comes the image he retweeted.  Shows Corrupt Killery Clinton with money in the back ground and a star with text in it that said “most corrupt candidate ever”.  This image was tweeted hundreds of thousands of times.  EVEN A PRO-TRUMP JEWISH GROUP RETWEETED IT LOL!  The controversy is that the star behind the text is in the shape of the star of David.  Usually people with a racial mindset can quickly spot this.  But those who do not hunt for racism in everything typically would not notice until being told about it [14].  He is right, it could be just a plain star or sheriff start… why not?  those do have the same shape.  Coming from someone who does not hunt for racism or inject racism where it is not; it could be viewed as just a star.  Trump adviser stated ““There was never any intention of anti-Semitism,” he said. “Not every six-pointed star is a Star of David.” And that is true.  Corey Lewandowski, who now works for CNN, also denied the image was meant to attack Jews. He called the backlash over the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s tweet “political correctness run amok.” [15] (from HuffPost themselves lol).

(13)  “He treats African-American supporters as tokens to dispel the idea he is racist

HuffPost leaves us a fun Easter egg: “Trump has the lowest level of African-American support of any Republican presidential nominee since 1948, according to FiveThirtyEight. As of the most recent polling, just 2 percent of black voters plan to vote for him ― fewer than the percentage who plan to vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein or Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson.”  LOL according to FiveThirtyEight? LOL WTF is that?  A sub project of ABC news.  Why didn’t ABC News headline this?  When we look at a more creditable source, such as the Pew Research we see a different reality.  African American support for Democrats was around a 91 point advantage in 2008.  Then, in 2016, it was at a 80 point advantage.  They lost an 11 point advantage, and in most cases, that can be the entire election.  He even did better with Blacks and Hispanics than Romney. [16]

Then they just throw out this unrelated story: “And last fall, a news report from 1927 surfaced on the site Boing Boing, revealing that Fred Trump was arrested that year following a KKK riot in Queens. It’s not clear exactly what the elder Trump was doing there or what role he may have played in the riot. ”  LOL what?  “It’s not clear exactly what the elder Trump was doing there” Then why put this in here?! lol oh ya to slander and character assassinate subconsciously.


Welp, after THINKING through all those “proofs” of Trumps racism, it seems as though they only proved themselves to be racists too lol.  Their logic as to why he is racist, they also use to judge other people.  By far, the worst piece of journalism ever.  Its shameful that people believe what they wrote.

Meanwhile, I will continue to hunt for Trump’s Racism; I still haven’t found it yet.

I did not participate in the last presidential election but I did vote in local elections.  I think after personally hearing all the hatefulness spew from the left;  they may have just convinced me to vote… against their ideology;  hence why I joined POTR 😉 For life and Freedom for all.



2. Rappeport, Alan (June 3, 2016). “That Judge Attacked by Donald Trump? He’s Faced a Lot Worse”. The New York Times. Retrieved June 4, 2016.

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