Racial pandering is racism

According to Democrats, if you are a minority, you must act and think a certain way, based on your skin color and culture. And if you don’t think or act the way they think you should, you’re wrong, because they, a different skin color and in their superiority, know better than you do.

So really, the party that made up the majority of the KKK, still hasn’t changed all that much. We can see this just by their actions and their own words.

Their chosen front runner and party leader, Joe Biden, exhibits this just about every time to opens his mouth. He explicitly stated that if YOU don’t support him, and you’re black, then, “you ain’t black.” How can he tell people who are black, their not, if they don’t support him? Simply because of his own perceived superiority.

He thinks blacks should act and think a certain way. And if they don’t, he discredits them, marginalizes them, even vilifies them.

How can he be FOR a racial group if, throughout his political career, he has supported and co-authored legislation that actually harms racial groups? For 40 plus years, data has shown the harmfulness of his own policies. He has had 40 plus years to address this, why didn’t he? He chooses his own career over their issues. Only when it benefits his party and his own career, he then talks about race issues and supports very minor reforms. Again, his care isn’t about the black community, but himself.

You have politicians like (D) Bill Clinton who championed the 1994 crime bill. You even have Hillary Clinton state “they all look alike” at a conference comparing Eric Holder with Corry Booker. The fact that people came out in defense of her claiming all kinds of things from framing some sort of ‘context’ of her racist joke is shameful. Even if it was a joke, it was racist.

Don’t believe it? Read https://potr1774.com/get-to-know-joe-biden/ and watch the videos of him your self.

Remember, it was the democrat party that supported Jim Crow laws. As blacks voted for more republicans and when blacks began to really start voting that they changed their approach. Then they pushed for mass incarceration (1994 crime bill) which directly harmed the black community. They got a couple black civil rights leaders on board and changed their image to look like they were for the black community. They pushed this idea and image that democrats were the party of minorities, even though their policies greatly harm those communities. Then, as they got more of the power back, they used that image to maintain power.

The real problems facing the black community is black on black crime and abortion. These two violence cause the most loss of life in the black community and do serious harm to families. What is the Democratic solution? Support aborting even more black babies, over-criminalize, mass incarcerate of more blacks, and force blacks to be more dependent on the system…

Then Why Are There Black Democrats?

The love of power. It’s as simple as that. You have the ‘ghetto pimps’ who just pander to the people of their community to maintain their level of power and prestige.

Some of the most heavily populated cities with the largest black population have continuously elected democrats for decades. But, for decades, their issues have not been reformed. Yet, they keep getting re-elected. Every election cycle they give speeches and promises of change, but no change ever amounts to any real individual independence and benefit for their community.

They USE the problems of their community for their own re-election and to maintain their power and position. They NEED these problems so they can use them to get elected. They use the problems as a tool to campaign against their political rivals. They paint their rivals as someone who will cause problems, yet, they, themselves, do not solve the problems they were elected to solve.

Changing names of streets and buildings do not really change the problem. They just hide the problem. Removing statues do not actually change any problems, they just hide the past and keep people from learning from the mistakes of the past. All the policies and laws that have harmed the black communities, are still in effect, under the watch of all those black politicians who get continuously elected.

How Do They Keep Getting Elected?

Pushing their “image” of being for minorities and using the ‘ghetto pimps’ to further their self proclaimed image, they get people to think how they want them to think. They TELL the community how to act and think with all kinds of promises and handouts. The problems in the community are never really solved. So the is a perpetual existence of disparities in these communities that are never really addressed directly. Instead, government problems are offered as a sort of bandaid to the problems.

Since Joe Biden is racist in his idea that through his superiority, tells black people how they should act and think; how can blacks vote for him? THAT is a huge question. It’s puzzling that so many blacks who are fighting for equality and fighting against injustice and racism, support a guy and a party that has racial prejudice ingrained in their party platform. They support a party that puts black people in a box. That limit their individuality to what the party thinks they should and should not support. It’s clear black Democrats like this “box” because first, they are immune to it because they have made it out of the box and now use their position of power to shape the box and maintain their own power. But, again, how can impoverish, low-income, lower socioeconomic class minorities, even moderate and middle-income minorities, support such racially prejudice policies and agree with the box they are placed in?

The pseudo feeling of empowerment is like a mental drug. When the government subsidy hits the bank account, it feels great. Everyone loves government stimulus checks. They don’t consider who, how, or where it came from. Organizations that thrive on government subsidies use only a percentage of the money for their actual cause. The voters don’t hear about the high standards to qualify for the small business grants. All they hear about is how much money is out there. They also don’t detail how some of these grants are only for certain groups and aren’t even available, equally, all small businesses of the same industry. Some grants are only for women. That means and entire group of small business owners can’t even qualify for them simply based on their sex. Others are minority specific, which is good, but the consequence to this is that non-minority small business owners, who employ minorities, can not qualify for them either. If they need them, but can’t get them, and go out of business, that means those minority employees are also out of a job. So, a male small business owner who employs a majority of minorities can not qualify for a bunch of grants; which risks the jobs of minorities still. How can people fight inequality, while simultaneously support inequality of grant distribution? Again, it comes back to that pseudo feeling of empowerment; when it actuality is systemic government dependence.

Modern Enslavement

Being financially dependent on government is modern civilized enslavement. This is the tool of democrats. To expand government programs with the image of “helping” those communities. But what that has done has just forced them to become dependent on these programs and to rely on government assistance. Once trapped in the cycle of government support, any effort to change these government subsidies is easily labeled as “anti-minority.” This is another tool of democrats. To vilify and frame government subsidy reforms as racist and harmful to the black communities; when, in fact, it is the very thing that has enslaved minorities. It almost secures votes.

Now, after decades and generations who have grown accustomed to government subsidies, it is viewed as ‘normal’ and ‘needed.’ Those who came out of this are indoctrinated with the idea that it was the government subsidies that helped them achieve personal success. They then in turn perpetuate the idea that government subsidies are a good thing for their community. And the generational cycle of government dependence continues; securing long term voting blocks for Democrats.

There still exists mass incarceration party due to mandatory minimum sentences imposed by the Democrat’s 1994 crime bill and subsequent amendments. Over-criminalization places greater hardships on people to be successful on their own. Mass government oversight and regulations make becoming financially independent and owning your own business even harder and more expensive. Massive costs of education caused by government subsidies to colleges leads to greater student loan debt and financial hardships for individuals. ALL of this almost forces people to fall back on the government for more help. Harder to find jobs with over-criminalization. Harder to start your own business. Regulations and taxes drive up the costs of daily goods. ALL of this forces people to struggle. All of this forces people to be government dependent. Democrats simply support economic slavery.

Then, they paint all of THEIR polices as some abstract ‘systemic racism’ of which THEY create, support, and avoid solving.

There is overwhelming evidences that shows the more government subsidizes something, the more expensive it becomes. This is a fact in the agriculture and education sectors. As government funds more of the industry, the more the costs of the industry rise. Then people are complaining that things are getting too expensive; so what do they do? They vote for more politicians who grow the government subsidies and are shocked when prices still go up even higher.

Meanwhile, these politicians send their kids to private schools, get them hired on a high paying jobs that they don’t even qualify for, have private chiefs, and have the best, highest quality health care; who aren’t even using the very subsidized things they advocate for. Yet, the people keep voting for these very politicians, year after year.

Republicans Aren’t Free From Criticisms Either

Republicans were started out of the Abolitionist (Abolishment of slavery) movement and their first leader was Abraham freak’n Lincoln. A guy that was way ahead of his time. Who fought supreme court decisions (Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1857) and fought to amend the Constitution (13th and 14th Amendment). Republicans fought for the Civil Rights Act in 1964 that Democrats filibustered. They were the party that deregulated a lot of industries that allowed for greater economic growth of private businesses and small business. They were for smaller limited government and empowering the individual to be successful. They rallied voters rights and voter registration drives that the Democrats fought against. They ran against Jim Crow politicians in the south. WTF happened?

Well, as time went on, and as government subsidies became more culturally normal and acceptable, these new generations of Republicans accepted them as useful too. And now, as it is painted by government dependent groups that government subsidies are ‘helpful,’ they embraced them for the furtherance of their career or protect it too. It’s virtually political suicide now to support reducing public subsidies. If they do this, Democrats and government dependent communities jump all over them as ‘racist” and “anti-minority.” Even non-minority communities have grown to depend on them and support the government subsidies.

Black Non-Democrats

Yes, there are a lot of blacks who are NOT Democrat. And, according to Joe Biden, they aren’t black. Literally, that’s what he said from his own mouth (see the video for yourself above).

In the late 1800s you had leaders like Booker T. Washington and Frederick Douglass. The Democratic party did soften it’s stance against blacks and segregation which allowed for the inclusion of blacks in the Democratic party. But these Democrats were classical liberals, which, more reflects the Republican party now anyway. Just look at what party all the blacks were with after the Civil War up to the 1930s (https://history.house.gov/Exhibitions-and-Publications/BAIC/Historical-Data/Black-American-Representatives-and-Senators-by-Congress/). Once Jim Crow laws were really being enforced, suddenly, the only way to win was to join the Democrats. As Jim Crow laws were being resisted and dismantled, you start seeing blacks being elected as Republicans again. Hubert Humphrey (D), basically split the Democratic party in two with his 1948 Democratic National Convention speech calling for equal rights for all. Voting for the 1964 Civil Rights Act, 40% of Democrats still opposed it. Minority Leader Republican Everett Dirksen led the fight to end the Democrat filibuster of this monumental Act. But by that time, the Democrats had started changing their image. It was the Republicans who fought the hardest for equality, from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Act; that’s 100 years of fighting for equal rights. Not the Democrats.

Now, the Democratic party is heavily leaning toward extreme liberalism which is collectivist in their view of minorities. In 1960, the NAACP President Benjamin Hooks was invited to address the Republican National Convention. President Reagan appoints Clarence Thomas as Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission who later become the first black Supreme Court Justice. President Reagan appoints Alan Keyes the Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs. Condoleezza Rice was appointed by Bush as Senior Director of the National Security Council for Soviet and East European Affairs. And there are hundreds of predominate blacks who are not Democrats (but still only see minorities as a defined group within a box). Some, aren’t affiliated with the Republican party either. Odd how it’s racist to assume all black people play basketball but not racist to assume all blacks are Democrat… And it’s not Republican VS Democrat. There are other political parties, such as the Libertarian Party. Ironically, The Libertarian Party now most closely resembles the old Republican Party of the late 1800s.

  • Tim Scott (SC, Senator)
  • Allen West (LTC, FL Senator)
  • Herman Cain, who ran for president as a Republican
  • Dr. Ben Carson, who ran for president as a Republican
  • Dr. Thomas Sowell (Economist)
  • Shelby Steele
  • Armstrong Williams
  • Dr. Walter E. Williams (Professor of Economics, George Mason University; syndicated columnist)
  • Naomi Churchill Earp
  • Artur Genestre Davis (Ex-Democrat)
  • Mia Love (UT, Congress)
  • Will Hurd (TX, Congress)
  • Alveda King (Member of the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Commission)
  • Richard Wright
  • Larry Elder (talk radio host; best-selling author)
  • Brian Higgins (radio host, XM Satelite Radio – Boston, MA)
  • Star Parker (author; founder, Coalition on Urban Affairs)
  • Gerald Reynolds (Chairman, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights)
  • Michael Steele (Republican National Committee Chairman)
  • Dr. James Robinson (freelance writer; former Professor of Political Science)
  • Judge Janice Rogers Brown (U.S. Court of Appeals Judge, DC Circuit)
  • Larry Sharpe
  • Rigoberto Stewart (Institute for Liberty and Analysis of Policy in Government)
  • Maj Toure (Activist, Founder of Black Guns Matter)
  • Dr. Anne Wortham (author; Professor of Sociology, Illinois State University)
  • Bruce LeVell
  • Michael Barnett ( Diversity coalition and chairman of the Republican Executive Committee in Palm Beach County, Florida)
  • Dr. Darrell Scott
  • Candace Owens
  • Henry Childs II (Attorney and president of the Texas Federation of African-American Republicans)
  • Don King (Former promoter of boxing champions from Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson)

That’s just to name a few.

And if you don’t know any of these people, or maybe just heard of a few, you are limiting your mind and opinions. You may be holding yourself in the box of minorities that the democrats have told you to be in.

But this proves that blacks don’t have to conform to the Democrat imposed definition of what it is to be black. They are free to think and act how they personally choose to. They can be Republican, Libertarian, Independent, or form their own party. But dismantling the generational indoctrination of Democrats deciding what is best for blacks will take generations as well, and it will take even longer since blacks are so conditioned to continually only vote Democrat.

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