Inherent Rights

  1. The absolute inalienable right to LIFE and FREEDOM. (1st Amendment Right, 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment)
  2. The absolute inalienable right of FREE SPEECH. (1st Amendment Right, 5th Amendment)
  3. The absolute inalienable right to FREEDOM OF RELIGION. (1st Amendment Right, 9th Amendment)
  4. The absolute inalienable right to complete SELF DEFENSE and the tools there of. (2nd Amendment, 9th Amendment)
  5. The absolute inalienable right to PRIVATE PROPERTY AND PRIVACY. (3rd Amendment, 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment, 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment)
  6. The absolute inalienable right to FREELY ASSEMBLE AND ASSOCIATE, publicly or privately, and form and regulate a militia for defense and security. (1st Amendment)
  7. The absolute inalienable right to CONFRONT accusers and witnesses with the accuser of immoral or unethical violations, be provided a reliable competent defense, and deemed INNOCENT unless proven by the accuser otherwise. (5th Amendment, 9th Amendment)
  8. The absolute inalienable right from the accuser’s SEARCH of the accused private property without reliable facts establishing probable cause that the accused committed an immoral or unethical act, determined by an unaffiliated unbiased judge of the facts. (4th Amendment, 5th Amendment)
  9. The absolute inalienable right to an EQUAL AND FAIR TRIAL PROCESS which the accused is deemed innocent until the accused convinces a judge of the facts and an impartial jury, that reflects the local community of the accused, after also hearing the accused defense represented by competent defense counsel, otherwise. (4th Amendment, 5th Amendment)
  10. The absolute inalienable right to FAIR AND JUST PUNISHMENTS such as excessive fines when compared to the local community wages, excessive punishments when compared to similar violations and punishments or punishments that are inherently excessive for that crime; and requests for MERCY by the accused. (6th Amendment, 8th Amendment)
  11. The absolute inalienable right of the STATE and the local jurisdictions to determine for themselves policies and processes free from the federal government’s influence, oppression, or control. (9th Amendment, 10th Amendment)
  12. All persons have the right to a fair, just, truth seeking and equal process. There is no justice or rightful actions imposed on a person or their private property without DUE PROCESS.  Laws, regulations, and processes imposed on The People must equally be imposed on the elected officials who created them. (4th Amendment, 5th Amendment)
  13. These absolute unalienable objective rights transcend the subjective judgments, feelings, emotions, and opinions of mankind; thus, the Inherent Values can never be altered, changed, subtracted or added to by anyone, at any time, for any reason. They are universally, absolutely, true, right, pure, and just by their very own inherent nature.  (1st Amendment, 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Declaration of Independence paragraph 1, 2, and Last)