Social Network Activist

We can all like the Facebook pages we like, create our own facebook page (and if your conservative you can even be put in facebook jail) and share all the links you like (filtered and muffled by facebooks anti conserative algorithms); then jump on twitter and tweet and retweet the tweets you want (if you dont get blocked by twitter and their anti conservative interpretation of their broad policies). You can sign all the online petitions. Email all the anti freedom congressmen and businesses. And boom, your a Social Network Warrior. But what all is that really effecting?

Thats like if all the colonialist just simply wrote letters without showing up to any protests or taking any actual action in public. Would that have won the revolutionary war?

Thats like the north just writing letters to the south petitioning them to abolish slavery without physically taking action to abolish slavery in the south.

Thats like all the civil rights leaders in the 60s just writing letters and making phone calls in protest without actually doing sit ins or marches. Would that have caused change?

Here we are, 2018, no justice or rights for the preborn; massive government wide corruption; religious and conservative people being openly bullied by the IRS, ACLU, State school boards, major news outlets, Hollywood; free speech being muffled by corporations (facebook), governments (California)… and do you think being a Social Network Warrior is going to change all this?

We The People, whether we agree or disagree, we should all agree that freedom is the greatest gift for all and it needs to be defended and protected. America is failing in defending the freedoms of its own people; and sitting at home getting in facebook debates or retweeting political viewpoints from our phones is not cutting it.

We need leaders in the communities to take charge and the people to take the initiative; organize demonstrations, protests, boycotts, and marches showing support. We need the community to actually and actively show support for the freedoms of their neighbor, community, and nation.

The people need to take stand, stand together, and confront head on all those who oppose freedom. Not just “let your voice be heard” but let your voice be visually publicly known.

What good is your fading freedoms if you allow your grand children to have less freedom than you. Are we even concerned about the freedom of our children and grand children? How important is freedom?

Contact your local organizations and attend events, demonstrations, and protests. If there are none planned, ask them why not? Movements are sparked by words but change happens with a physical presence. Freedom was gifted to us by those who sparked movements and caused change.

What are your grand children going to say about what you did for their freedoms?

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