Stay At Home, Follow Orders, Obey, Comply, For The Common Good

It is amazing to see the sheer amount of people demanding that OTHER people forfeit, suspend, neglect, and give up their freedoms because of a fearful feeling imposed by unreliable stats and unconstitutional government orders.  Even vilifying people who exercise their constitutional rights.   What is the rationale behind this?  Are their  concerns legitimize? 

The reality of the situation

Yes, a lot of people have tested positive for the Coronavirus.  But as we have extensively researched, we don’t really know how many because the ideological agendas.  If we do basic math, using various data centers we can conclude that the average mortality rate of the virus is 0.793% (see below).

Here come all the sheeple saying:

bUt yOuR noT a ViruOloGisT!”

Your right, which is why we depend on data and statistics of the experts;  see below.  So, with that pathetic argument out of the way, let’s continue to look at the expert data.

Not even 1% mortality rate overall and under 60 years old, which is 92% of the world’s population.  If, only *66,722,200 world wide are infected, that means, 0.85% of the world is infected… not even 1%  And of that 0.85% infected, only 0.793% of that 0.85% population may, statistically, die; we can estimate that 0.0068% of the world’s population, under 60, may die.  That is 6 THOUSANDTHS OF A PERCENT… roughly 529,107 people, world wide, under 60 years would will die.  Sounds bad right?

Heart disease killed 7 million people in 2000; 7,000,000 deaths world wide! Ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the world’s biggest killers, accounting for a combined 17 million deaths in 2016. These diseases have remained the leading causes of death globally in the last 15 years [8].  29x more deadly than COVID-19!

Did you give up your rights to fight Ischaemic heart disease and stroke?  Why not?  It’s worse than COVID-19!

But there’s more:


Half of these will kill more people world wide than COVID-19.  And most of these numbers can’t be inflated or statistically manipulated.

Now, the numbers for the population that are over 60 years old is more scary, anywhere between 5-9% mortality rate… but they only make up 8% of the world population.  And due to their reduce chance of mobility and travel, they are less likely to become infected as they are more likely to remain at home or be more stationary.

Now, using logic, reasoning, and math; we can remove the emotionalistic indoctrination of fear and worry and see that this really isn’t as bad as governments, government puppets, and government employees make it out to be.  We can see through the propaganda and manipulation.

Here comes another sheeple argument:

bUt DonT YoU cAre AbOuT peOPle?

I’m glad sheeple bring up this point.  Let’s look at it:

195 MILLION jobs have been wiped out, world wide, and “More than four fifths of workers globally live in countries affected by full or partial lockdown measures… Workers in the informal sector – who account for 61% of the global workforce or 2 billion people – will need income support just to survive and feed their families if their jobs disappear” [9, 11].  The Australians report, “We calculate that between 17% and 28% of Australian workers – 2.2 million to 3.6 million people – could be out of work in the coming weeks as a direct result of the spatial distancing measures now in place. If they are not already,”[10]

The government(s) did this, not the virus.

In America, the “Gross domestic product will plummet an annualized 25% from April through June after a smaller setback in the first quarter and the jobless rate will hit 12.6%, the highest since the 1940s, according to the median forecasts in Bloomberg’s monthly survey of 69 economists… “Even if the economy starts to re-open in mid-May, more than 20 million Americans will have lost their job with the economy likely having contracted around 13% peak-to-trough, more than three times deeper than the global financial crisis,”  The Bloomberg survey was conducted April 3 through Thursday, when a report showed another 6.6 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits, suggesting the jobless rate is already approaching 15%.” [12]

The virus didn’t do this, America did.

And it could be even worse, up to 47 million jobs lost and an unemployment rate of 32% [13]

Entire industries, small businesses, mom and pop shops that provide a living for entire families; deemed non-essential by government.  Ending the services that family depended on, as essential, for paying bills and putting food on the table.

The government did that, not the virus.

Even Forbes noticed it; “A disturbing trend noticed during the outbreak was the heavy-handed nature of the government. Whether you agree or disagree with the closing of businesses and orders to stay home, it smacks of “Big Brother,” 1984 Orwellian stuff. Government officials telling citizens to “rat” on their fellow Americans seems scarily like something you’d expect under an authoritarian regime.” [14]

Then, as everyone is hurting for money, cities and police departments started going around and issuing citations and fines for not obeying Orwellian orders [20]!

And those who preach “care about others, stay in side” clearly don’t care that a majority of people who will be suffering from these government actions; far worse than the virus.  Suicide rates are expected to rise because of all this!  [15, 17]  And this is caring for others?  Substance abuse is on the rise [16].  Might have something to do with the government declaring alcohol sales as essential and church not.

The Indoctrinated Sheeple Say The Darnedest Things:

This propaganda hit piece in the LA Times about a small protest in LA quotes an “expert” as saying this:

“This blows me away,” she said. “People are dying — and at an alarming rate!”

The healthcare worker said she had seen a friend from her Huntington Beach church moments earlier. “He said he is tired of his rights being taken away,” the woman said.

“This has nothing to do with politics … It’s science!” she added. “This is a mob mentality,” she said, noting the police presence but lack of action [19].

Actually, math says that random “expert” is wrong.  In fact, in LA the mortality rate is dropping at an alarming rate as they test more, discover more, more recover, and less die… But why does that person think that?  Because they were told so…

LOL “its science”  She would be the kind of person, in the 14th century, that would have believed the earth was flat, simply because of the leading science said so, without question.

And, secondly, her friends rights ARE being taken away.  Do we need to do another Bill of Rights lesson?  Sure:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof… or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

LOL the government is doing exactly that.  Enforcing laws/orders that ARE prohibiting the free exercise of religion AND the right of peaceful assembly.  This healthcare worker, is a moron, indoctrinated tool.

Then, in San Diego,  a woman has been notified she’s facing a $1,000 fine or jail time for organizing a “freedom rally” against COVID-19 orders [20, 21].  Naomi Soria, 27, on Wednesday confirmed she was facing penalties for the downtown protest that drew hundreds. Later, she announced another rally this Sunday in Pacific Beach.  The San Diego Police Department confirmed it has contacted the City Attorney’s Office “requesting their review to issue charges against the protest organizer for violating the county health order by organizing a gathering,

The county health order supersedes her Constitutional right to peacefully assemble?!

The Center for American Liberty should take this trash all the way to the supreme court, win, and then she should sue the shit out of the city.

Do we care about our community?

I care so much about people, that I am willing to fight and die for their freedom and liberty from oppression, for their life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness.  Even if they don’t.  Even if you don’t.

And you clearly don’t.  You support that which is going to cause more harm than the actual virus.

And, they clearly don’t.  They are more than willing to follow orders and comply to something that will harm their community long term and worse than the virus.

  • Americans want the government to tell them what to do; COVID-19 proved this.
  • Americans want the government to provide for them; COVID-19 proved this.
  • Americans want to depend on the government; COVID-19 proved this.
  • Americans obey and comply with unconstitutional orders instead of resist them; COVID-19 proved this.
  • Americans blindly believe the fearmongering of the government and big government puppets; COVID-19 proved this.  China spits out some trash data, the World Health Organization regurgitates it, and dumb gullible American tools eat it up with out question.

Police departments declare that “protesting is a non-essential activity .  (The same shitty police departrment that shot someone as they were running away [18]).  PROTESTING IS A HUMAN RIGHT!

local governments dictate where and when you can an can’t go with essential/non-essential declarations and curfews.  LIBERTY IS A HUMAN RIGHT!

Governments declare alcohol and abortion clinics [23] are essential and can remain open but churches and Christians can’t worship on their holiest of days (Easter).  THEN even force church services to stop and fine people… people who may be out of work and in financial trouble… FREEDOM TO WORSHIP AND ASSEMBLE IS A HUMAN RIGHT!

Facebook and Twitter are banning free speech and free press about all the problematic data [24, 25].  This article may even, eventually, get banned (even though I quote all the sources they deem as reliable).


For what?

Over fear of a virus with a 0.79% mortality rate…

If you believe that is justifiable, you are a damn indoctrinated government tool and you deserve to have your rights taken away.

YOU are allowing this!  the prosecution of whistleblowers, free speech, and free press through Julian Assange [6b] and Edward Snowden [7b]; which exposed the governments involvement in illegally spying on citizens and murder of civilians; police targeting Christians who worshiped on their holiest day when the local governments ordered them not to, 2020 [1b].  Raleighn Police Department and in San Diego acting against peaceful protests in 2020 [2b, 20].  Virginia Governor declares a state of emergency prior to peaceful protests in 2019 [3b].

Yes, Freedom and Liberty is more important than the Coronavirus.

Time To Get Organized


  1.  Mortality Rate calculations:
      1. Accessed: 4/23/2020
      2. Cases: 2,668,889 (confirmed)
      3. Deaths: 186,324
        1. Includes “probable deaths” per CDC guidelines.
          * Which means the total deaths may be inflated.
      4. (deaths) / (cases) = 0.06981 or 6%
      5. Does not include “probable cases
        1. Antibody test finds up to 55x more cases [1].
        2. LA county reported 7,994 cases.
        3. Antibody estimates 221,000 to 442,000 cases.
        4. Only 4% of the infected are being confirmed.  96% of infected are not being confirmed.
          1. (confirmed cases) / 4 = 667,222 is 1% of est. confirmed cases of the total estimated infected world wide.
          2. (Est. 1% Cases) * 100 = 66,722,200, est. world wide cases.
          3. (deaths) / (Est. cases w/ antibody test) = 0.00279 or 0.2%
      1. Accessed: 4/23/2020
      2. Confirmed Cases: 802,583
        1. Does not included “probable cases
          * Which means numbers may actually be higher
      3. Deaths: 44,575
        1. Does include “probable deaths
          * Which means numbers may be inflated
      4. (Deaths, 44575) / (Cases, 802583) = 0.055 or 5%
      5. Considering the LA antibody test finds 96% more infected:
        1. (Confirmed cases, 802583) / 4 = 200,645 or 1% of estimated infected.
        2. (Est. 1% Cases, 200645) * 100 = 20,064, 575 estimated actual cases w/ antibody test.
        3. (deaths) / (Est. cases w/ antibody test, 20,064,575) = 0.00222 or 0.2%
    3. *Both conclusions are conservative estimates of the lower end of the antibody testing estimations.

      1. A study that studied all known data accounting for censoring and ascertainment biases.
      2. Ages 1-49, est less than 0.161% mortality rate.
      3. Ages 50-59, est 0.595% mortality rate.
      4. Ages 60-69, est 1.93% mortality rate.
      5. Ages 70-79, est 4.28% mortality rate.
      6. Ages 80+, est 7.8% mortality rate.
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  2. Combine and average the death rates of 60 years or younger (92% of the worlds population[6]), world wide, that include probable cases along with probable deaths and accounting for censoring and ascertainment biases:
  • World Population:  7,779,751,100 [7]
  • Wold Population, under 60 years old:  7,157,371,012
  • Est. World Cases: *66,722,200
  1. Est World Infected: (Est World Cases) / (World Pop) =  0.00857 or 0.857%
  2. Est. World Mortality Rate of those Infected: (66,722,200) * 0.00739 = 493,077 (est deaths world wide, <60yo)
  3. Percentage of the world mortality, under 60 years old:  (Est. Word Wide deaths, <60yo) / (World Pop, <60yo) = 0.0000688 or 0.0068%







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