Stop Bowing To Cowards!


If you rephrase yourself to use words that are more “politically correct” or shut up after someone calls you a racist bigot for no real reason… You are kissing the feet of cowards.

Big thanks to you because there is an ever growing of hatred from cowards who simply demand that you accept and agree with them at all cost. Long gone are the days of “agree to disagree” and open civil discussions. Now, you will be hated, targeted, slandered, and vilified if you do not bow down to people who don’t see you as a person but only as a obstacle for their agenda and message.

By bowing to them, you have empowered them and allowed them to grow. They decide what you see and hear on tv, read in magazines, watch on YouTube, see on Facebook, the news, what they teach your kids, what they teach college students, what your allowed to do and say at work. You allow them to control you and your family. You have become irrelevant and uninfluencial. All because you bow to cowards instead of confronting them and taking a stand.

That needs to change, you need to change, we need to change; change our approach to the feelings and opinions of cowards. Being ‘nice’ and ‘soft’ has allowed people, who give two craps how nice you are, to indoctrinate your children and control just about every aspect of your life. Like it or not they actually do influence just about every inch of your world. The cost of energy, in the name of saving the earth. The cost of food, in the name of animal feelings. Whats on the news, in the name of telling you what they want you to be thinking about. Tv and movies, in the name of what they want you to accept as normal. Limit and censor discussions about religion and politics, in the name of what they want you to think, the fear of offending someone.

Then tell you the correct words to use in a discussion to influence your mind on the subject without you even realizing it.  For example:  Changing “illegal alien” to “undocumented immigrant”.  One is truth and honesty while the other attempts to emotionally negate the first.  But THE TRUTH can never be evaded (only hidden), the fact that this is a matter of lawlessness and violating civil federal law.  If you don’t like the law, good, change it.  Regardless of your feelings toward the law, it is still being violated, thus making the ‘immigrants’ criminals of the law.   There, boom, truth; but don’t blame me, blame logic.  And it can go on and on with all the areas of your life that is effected by people you don’t stand up against.

So how do you take a stand? Call a Christmas tree what it is, a Christmas tree. Call a criminal what they are, a criminal.  Fearlessly and openly talk about your faith.  Stand strong in your faith.  When people lie and spread propaganda, call them out on it! When someone tries to silence you, keep talking. When someone tries to harass and vilify you, call them out, stand your ground. When someone tells you how you should think and feel about anything, stop them, and tell them how you think and feel about things you find important to you. If you disagree with them; it is what it is and move on.

Do not become a sheepish coward and join the ranks of all those who are told to think and feel the same about framed controlled issues. We see this enslaved mindset and sheep mentality in the academic world and in African American culture for example; where you must act and think a certain way or you are attacked and vilified for being an individual and going against how you are told to think and feel.

The hardest most hated judged and attacked people in America are conservative African Americans and women. NAACP and Black Lives Matter slanders and make racist comments about conservative African Americans!  Black Lives Matter are quick to throw certain black lives under the bus (figure of speech snowflakes).  N.O.W. and Planned Parenthood vilifies conservative women!  The Woman’s March on Washington only spoke for the rights of certain women while blatantly denying the rights of unborn women and their female pro-life supporters.  Worst yet, Ex-Gay persons are hated so much by the Gay Pride community they are actually denied to exist, even though they do!

All these free minded individual thinking Americans deserve an equal voice and deserve our support to the fullest! When you bow to the cowards who vilify and slander, you allow hypocritical hate to spread and grow.  Black Lives Matter supporter and African American police supporter should be able to have civil open discussions; that is America.  Ex-gays should be accepted by the group that claims to be the most excepting, that is America.  NAACP, Black Lives Matter, N.O.W., unPlanned Parenthood, and the LGBTQ community stand against the American values of EQUAL VOICE AND SUPPORT OF THEIR FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS.

Are you bowing to the cowards screaming and crying for you to only agree with them or are you taking a stand for the variety and diversity of individual differing ideals? Are you taking a stand for freedom of all or silently bowing for the freedom of a few. That is on you and you alone!

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