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The Government Shut Down

GOOD!  Every day the government is shut down, America adds LESS TO THE DEBT! But lets be honest.  We all know all those poor people who are completely dependent on mommy daddy government will not be forgotten.  Eventually, like it always does, when the government is reopened; they will be paid back.  The last thing they want are people not

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Government “Shut down”

OMG! The Government may shut down!!! Wait, wont that then save the tax payers money and actually slow government deficit spending, thus slowing the growing national debt?!  It is also interesting to note how dependent we ALL have become on the federal mommy daddy government.  So much so, we THINK a government shut down will end life as we know

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Quit Complaining And Start Acting

Today, you prefer a peaceful slavery, and are willing to give up essential liberties to purchase a little temporary Safety. They are right, with the weak minded complacency today, we deserve neither safety or liberty because we no longer see freedom as a greater importance than our own lives.

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