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There have been reasons to boycott. Some have been successful, others not so successful. What are justified reasons to boycott and how do you make them successful? The colonialists conducted some very successful boycotts of British goods. They hurt British owned companies and suppliers who were compliant with British tariffs. Boycotts are part of American history and were effective tools

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Free to Boycott

Boycotting seems like it would be anti-freedom, but that is quite the opposite.  We are FREE to boycott and no one can force us to purchase something from someone unnecessarily.  Boycotting is also a form or protest and can be a tool use against those who are anti-freedom.  We have compiled a list of Business that we hope other freedom

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Social Network Activist

We can all like the Facebook pages we like, create our own facebook page (and if your conservative you can even be put in facebook jail) and share all the links you like (filtered and muffled by facebooks anti conserative algorithms); then jump on twitter and tweet and retweet the tweets you want (if you dont get blocked by twitter

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