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Does Gun Control Even Work?

France has crazy strong gun control… experienced a mass shooting on Tuesday.  “Chekatt had been radicalized in prison and was being monitored by French intelligence services since at least 2015 due to his suspected religious extremism. Authorities did not say which religion; however, supporters of the Islamic State terror group were celebrating the shooting online, according to the U.S.-based SITE

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The Immigration Debate

Asylum Seekers, Migrants, Immigrants, Illegal Immigrants, Invasion, criminals, what ever term you want to give them; they ARE something, and they are someone; But who are they, what are they doing, and what is at stake?

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Californians Are Tools

Its mind-blowing to see all the laws that California is passing.  Kinda expected.  But what is MORE mind-blowing is how no one over there is really doing anything about it.  They have become one of the largest Mommy-Daddy state; where they direct the choices of their peon citizens in all kinds of aspects of life.  Every city in Californian just

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