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Too Comfortable to Leave FB? Fine, But Do These Things:

Hey, if you want to continue to use a service that violates people’s rights (kinda like Jim Crow Laws, but for the digital age, and ideology instead of race), than that’s on you. Since you don’t think violating people’s rights on the internet isn’t a big enough deal to act, then, at least, at a minimum, take SOME sort of

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Proof of What Government Is Capable Of (NSFW)

All the following images are events that took place under the approval and authority of the ruling government of that time:

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How can anyone vote for massive government and more and more taxes?

How can ANYONE willingly desire more government in their life and more taxes that will naturally trickle down and effect them… Somewhere down the line, there is a educational, rational, illogical, ignorant disconnect from history, human nature, and reality.

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