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Accused of being Right-Wing?

If your not pro-big government, not pro-abortion, and against all these government social welfare programs, odds are you have been labeled a “right-winger.”  But what the hell is “righ-wing” in the first place?

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Accused of being Republican?

If you think by being anti-socialist, anti-big government, pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-freedom of religion; we are then Republican by default, you are blind to your collectivist indoctrination.  We are not loyal to one party, or even a two party system.  Our loyalty is to life and freedom, and whomever advocates for these the best, no matter what political party

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The New Form Of American HATE

There is a new kind of HATE that is acceptable in American culture.   It is not strictly race or religion based but ideological.  If you subscribe to a particular ideology, it is acceptable in the culture to be hateful towards you- more like Culturally Approved Hypocrisy and Hate.  To PROVE this, I just need to cite a couple of real

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