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There have been reasons to boycott. Some have been successful, others not so successful. What are justified reasons to boycott and how do you make them successful? The colonialists conducted some very successful boycotts of British goods. They hurt British owned companies and suppliers who were compliant with British tariffs. Boycotts are part of American history and were effective tools

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Better Than Google and Facebook

There are companies and organizations that offer the same serves as the big tech giants, without selling your data, following you around the internet, and handing your information over the authorities without warrants.  Have all the same great services of Google with the more privacy!  From Search Engines, free email, online purchasing, web browsers, social media and more:

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Facebook Content Policy

Have you read over Facebook’s Content Policy and their justifications for cherry picking who to censor and how to allow to speak?  Here are some snip-its that show how vague and broad these policies are, purposefully and only 8 seconds to prove how facebook is bias

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