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Too Comfortable to Leave FB? Fine, But Do These Things:

Hey, if you want to continue to use a service that violates people’s rights (kinda like Jim Crow Laws, but for the digital age, and ideology instead of race), than that’s on you. Since you don’t think violating people’s rights on the internet isn’t a big enough deal to act, then, at least, at a minimum, take SOME sort of

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History Revisionists: What Did Nazis Do With Their Nations Historic Statues And Monuments?

History is written by the victors. This is true. The ancient Egyptians were notorious for it. Babylonians and Persians were too scared to record negative historical events of their rulers. Romans always added a ‘glory of Rome’ slant and bias in recording some of their historical events. But, in the more common era, how did the Nazis handle their nations

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Proof of What Government Is Capable Of (NSFW)

All the following images are events that took place under the approval and authority of the ruling government of that time:

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Accused of being Right-Wing?

If your not pro-big government, not pro-abortion, and against all these government social welfare programs, odds are you have been labeled a “right-winger.”  But what the hell is “righ-wing” in the first place?

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