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The 2019 March for Life

You may not know this if you just watch the typical news outlets but this event was HUGE.  The speakers were big and the turn out was amazing! USA News stated there were “thousands” and Fox News said there were “thousands and thousands” in attendance.  A time laps image of the march shows hundreds of thousands. The 2019 March for

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The Most Hated People In America

This week, the Covington Catholic High School students who attended the March for Life Rally exposed something huge in American society.   A short video was released showing a young white male face to face with an Native American with a slight smile as the Native American beats a drum and inch away from his face.  With no real information; guess

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Quit Complaining And Start Acting

Today, you prefer a peaceful slavery, and are willing to give up essential liberties to purchase a little temporary Safety. They are right, with the weak minded complacency today, we deserve neither safety or liberty because we no longer see freedom as a greater importance than our own lives.

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