Thank You Democrats,

I would like to thank the Democrat party for helping me see more clearly issues that will help me vote in the coming elections.  From abortion rights to my 2nd Amendment rights and racism, you guys have really given me some serious motivations and ample things to consider.

This site has written extensively about the abortion debate and one thing has been made clear as day.  You democrats have no idea when life begins.  And if you have no idea when it begins, how do you even know what life is?  As time goes on, you guys want to kill babies later and later in the womb.  Now, you guys are opening up discussions on killing babies post birth.  You are progressive.  Progressive in the sense that your willingness to kill life and dehumanize life is progressively getting later and later on into the life of the person you refuse to recognize.  For any rebuttals, I refer you to Arguments For Abortion.

YOU, democrats, see my children as blobs of tissue.  YOU, democrats, have viewed me as just a blob of tissue with no rights and unwilling to defend my right to life.  I am thankful my mother did NOT choose abortion.  What is more disgusting is that you view your own children as not even human; just for political gain.  YOUR stances, or lack of them, WILL BE a deciding factor in all future elections.

Then, you claim to be “for the children” and “ending gun violence”.  The irony in that is amazing.  So, the children that you didn’t abort or you didn’t leave to die on their own after birth, you are suddenly advocating for?  You don’t even know what a child is.  You don’t even know when a blob of tissue becomes a child.  And now you want to tell me how i can and can not defend my child?  You take away the abilities of parents to be armed and defend their families, while, simultaneously consequently empowering criminals.  You think criminals will obey all the thousands of gun laws?  “Law Abiding Citizens” do by definition, but they are not the ones doing mass shootings; yet, they are exactly who you are disarming.  There was just a mass shooting in Aurora, Illinois; a huge gun control state… how well did all those work out for all the victims in that shooting?  Those are YOUR policies, you own them.

Nanci Peloci, you then make the statement of a life time referring gun violence as you discussed Trump’s national emergency:  “That’s a national emergency. Why don’t you declare that an emergency, Mr. President? I wish you would, But a Democratic president can do that. A Democratic president can declare emergencies as well.”  So what?  Your willing to use my 2nd Amendment right as your political pawn?  Trump’s emergency was not effecting my Bill of Rights.  But, your willing to use my Bill of Rights for your political agendas?  Her comments were even praised.  I didn’t realize how little you view my rights until now.

The moral corruption, lying, and racism is just so normal in your party as well.  You like to paint Republicans as such, but they aren’t the ones continually getting caught every week.  Your party went from fighting for slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, to literally oppressing and killing minority babies through laws and abortion.  Your ideals of systematic oppression has never stopped.  When just looking at your Presidential Candidates it is shameful and embarrassing as an American to think that these are the best options?!  How the hell are these people even in office?!

Elizabeth Warren, are you kidding me?  One of the most hypocritical one of them all.  Wealthy, who bashes whose who are wealthy.  Anti-wall, but lives behind a huge wall.  Then, as icing on the cake of corruption, she actually claimed to be Native American to get into law school.  But, in truth, is 1/1024th Native American, but she never apologized for using that to attain her bar.

Then you got Kamala Harris.  Her time as a district attorney has some questionable issues.  Then, to get ahead in her political career, she slept with a married man!  THEN, to be more “likeable” she claimed to have smoked marijuana, proudly, while listening to certain music.  THOSE ARTISTS WEREN’T EVEN OUT at the time she claimed to have done it.  She is a terribly morally corrupt person.  Yet, she is a front runner for the Democrats.

The anti-antisemitism of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is out in the open.  Clear as day.  She was appointed to the House Foreign Affairs Committee!  An anti-Semite who hold hateful prejudices toward Jews was chosen by Democrat leadership for this role.  She told Yahoo! News last month that “I almost chuckle” at the idea that Israel is a democracy.  Or in her hair-raising proclamation on Twitter , in 2012: “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”  Same with Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.  The anti-semetism is alive and well, and growing, in the Democrat party.

What about all the Democrats in Virginia who got free racism passes for their black face?  How about Hilary Clinton when she said all black people look the same?  These are YOUR moral leaders.  These are prominent Democrats.

I will remember all these, at home, at work, and in public.  I will talk to friends, family, co-workers, and strangers about YOU.  I will ask them if they are okay with voting for a party that dehumanizes children, devalues rights for some while giving special treatment to others, and are hateful, racist, immoral liars.  And I will tell them about you.  I’m not even a Republican.  But, after all this, I will never be a Democrat.  I will vote for a morally sound individual, of any party, who stands for life and freedom for all, or I will fight to ensure that the worst person for the job, a Democrat most likely, does not get elected.

Thank you Democrats, you continually give me facts about your party that will help me influence the community around me.

P.S.  You guys should consider merging with the Democratic Socialists of America or start a new party… js

The Party of Death

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