The 2019 March for Life

You may not know this if you just watch the typical news outlets but this event was HUGE.  The speakers were big and the turn out was amazing!

USA News stated there were “thousands” and Fox News said there were “thousands and thousands” in attendance.  A time laps image of the march shows hundreds of thousands.

Two Democrat congressman were guest speakers.  Shockingly, seeing as how the official Democrat Party Platform stance is Pro-Abortion.  Other speakers included Ben Shapiro, Dr. Alveda King, Dr. Kathi Aultman, Ally Cavazos, and others.  VP Mike Pence made a surprise visit.

Of course, hateful hecklers were there as well. Which caused the confrontation of a group of high school kids by a Native American.

Why this march?  Well, it has been estimated that over 60 Million babies have been aborted!  And more testimony from clinic nurses revealing that babies who even survived the abortion, were left on the table, crying, until they died (   Gianna Jessen, who literally survived an abortion attempt, and helped with the October Baby movie; is glad to be alive.  THIS IS WHY.

Plan to attend next year!  There WILL BE A NEXT YEAR!  If defending life and protecting those who can not protect themselves is really important to you, do something about it! Be part of the most important marches in American history!


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