The American Peaceful Slavery

The modern American cultural identity is now more clear than ever.   The ideology that the left has fought so hard for has been accepted by the majority of Americans.  Yes, even Republicans and a lot of Libertarians and Independents have warmed up to this way of life.  What is this cultural identity and way of life?  Authoritarian Collectivism; the greater good, defined by the State, outweighs the individual freedom.

COVID-19 seems to be a scary thing.  It is highly contagious, that is a fact.  But, as historic statistics have shown, it is less deadly for the majority of Americans than the seasonal flu.  Don’t believe me?  Research past data on the flu, specially in 2013, and compare it to the data of COVID-19.  Vastly more infected by the seasonal flu, with a higher death ratio.  And that is also a statistical fact.  So, then, why the sudden extreme fears?  Why the sudden governmental enforced closures and loss of individual autonomy?  In other words, why are Americans now so willing to accept the government imposed freedom limitations?

We even have American’s now snitching on other citizens exercising their individual autonomous freedom to do as they will with their own bodies, such as going out side, or freely assembling in groups of more than 10 people.

We even have “conservative” Americans now defending massive government expansion and defending the government’s role in dictating what you can and can’t do in your personal life.  Then, agreeing with the forceful enforcement of these Statist authoritative government commands.  They too, bow and obey their own loss of freedom at the demands of their government.

Leftists, liberals, moderates, and even conservatives all now desire and defend a peaceful slavery over a dangerous freedom.

Let’s first look at the 1st Amendment, how it was written:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, (1) or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or (2) the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

There are 2 principles of this “dangerous freedom” that Thomas Jefferson fought hard for, contained in the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution; meant to LIMIT government authority over the people.

Freedom of Religion

Prohibiting the free exercise [of religion]” is a very important dangerous freedom.   We have major propaganda machines, such as The Atlantic, arguing for violating this freedom [1].  The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) would require that courts review a federal government order with the highest level of judicial scrutiny.  But, RFRA does not apply to local and state governments.  So then we have local governments such as Fort Wayne, Indiana, prohibiting church gathers of more than 10 people [2].  You just google this and you see all sorts of people, organizations, institutions, and local governments defending the authority to prohibit the free exercise of worship.    There are very few religious leaders defying government orders [3].  Most, just about all, actually are attempting to justify their government obedience.

Clergy Excuses:

They use verses that tell believers to obey their governments and keep peace.  But, is that what this what the verse was talking about?  It can’t be.  The early church was illegal.  Meeting and holding worship services was against the law.  Why didn’t the early church obey then?  It’s simple.  If the government law does not interfere with worshiping God, than it should be obeyed.  BUT if the government is preventing the worship of God, it should not be obeyed.  When obeying government laws that interfere with worshiping God, they then violate God’s commands like “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together.” in Hebrew 10:25.  The early church did NOT forsake assembling EVEN when their assembly violated Roman (government) laws.

Then they have a second common attempt at justifying their weak cowardly leadership by saying “out of the common good, and of health caution.” But again, they run into a hypocritical issue.  They must then apply this same logic to sending missionaries to dangerous parts of the world.  A church that sends missionaries to West Africa where Ebola pops up every so often AND risk kidnapping and getting murdered; but then shut down due to a flu strand, doesn’t make sense.  And the early church has another great example, The Antonine Plague of 165 to 180 AD didn’t stop the early church from assembling either.

It is clear that the vast majority of religious leaders are weak in their faith and aren’t bold in their convictions.  They fear man over God.  They fear the sickness and risk of it and lack faith in God’s healing and protections; even his divine will.  They now prefer a peaceful slavery to worldly governments.

The precedent has been set.  Now, we live in an America were Churches will close at the unconstitutional immoral commands of the government because of religious leaders that no longer fight for a dangerous bold freedom.

Right to Assemble

Religion aside, another inherent RIGHT of a free people is the right of the people to peacefully assemble as they so choose.  This has nothing to do with the “common good” or the feelings of others outside of the individual.  This is a human RIGHT, bestowed by their Creator, individually, recognized in the Constitution.    So, what is happening?

The State of Ohio issued an order to “stay at home,” and then, by the sole authority of the state, pick and choose what is and is not essential for you [4].  So did Minnesota and California [6], and then so did local counties [7].  The government assumes the authority to tell the people where they can and can’t go, when and where they can or can not assemble.  In direct violation of the 1st Amendment.  But, instead of fighting that blatant violation, like slaves, the people just cower in fear and comply.

The justification is, of course, public health and the “common good.”  So, that means, our individual liberties and inherent rights are trashed for the “common good?”  Well, according to most Americans, yes.  They are now willing to let go of their individual liberty to freely and peacefully assemble at the commands of the State.

Where are all the “my body, my rights” and “equality for human rights” and “fight the systemic oppression of government” crowed?  They are oddly quiet.

We The People, no longer hold the essence of individual freedom and liberty as the highest standard of being.


Now, not just are those freedoms being violated and shrinking with an ever growing new oppressive “acceptable norm,” but now we see government with the power to deem a once free market labeled as essential and non essential to its society.  Is a person who owns their own gym, that provides a livelihood for their family, not essential to their family?  Are people who work, no matter the job, to provide for food on their table and a roof over their head, suddenly, declared “non-essential?”  Those who depend on their labors for their livelihood ARE ESSENTIAL, and no government should have the authority to say otherwise.  But, here we are.  Now think about it, this impacts ALL areas of life and culture.  A government that welds the authority to control just about every aspect of life is extremely dangerous, and there is a term for that:


The academic definition is: “A system of government in which the people have virtually no authority and the state wields absolute control, for example, a dictatorship.”  The example there is a dictatorship, but what if the “dictator” was the government itself, or only those or wield the power in congress?  How is that any different?  Now, we have a system of government where the people essentially have no authority or control if they are allowed to go to work, open for work, leave their house, go to the gym, go to the park, assemble together for worship or have a BBQ of more than 10 people; because their government said they can’t.

We The People

The same justifications will arise:  “because it’s a public health crisis” and “for the betterment of the common good.”  But is it a “crisis?”  When evaluating the data and historic statistics we can see that it is no worse than the flu seasons.  What is driving everyone to assume it is such a massive nasty crisis?  Here are some very applicable quotes:  “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Vladimir Lenin. “There’s nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it.” William Jame.  If the government and all it’s loyalists tell exaggerated half trues enough and repeat it often, “people will believe it,” and they have.  Constant updates and reports on the number of infected (even though millions get the flu annually) lead people to think it is spreading.  Constant reports of deaths (even though more die from the annual flu), lead people to think its scary and deadly.  Extreme government responses, such as all the issues above, hype that feeling of fear.  Soon, the people are so fearful they are willing to give up their rights, out of fear of all that they are constantly told.


Then, the public panics.  Everyone rushes to the ER and the Hospitals.  And the hospitals are overwhelmed.  Not because of this flu strand but because of panic.  Everyone rushes to stock up on goods, even if they don’t make sense, such as toilet paper.  And businesses run out of supplies or have to impose limitations on purchase.  Not because of this flu strand but because of panic.  A panic induced by an indoctrinated fear.

Government Makes Things Worse, Not Better

A consumerism market is dependent on the people’s ability to freely purchase goods and services.  Has worked perfectly fine during worse flu seasons, suddenly, comes to a screeching halt when it is the government that orders the closure of businesses.  It wasn’t this strand of flu that kept people away from purchasing goods and services, it was the direct result of government action.

Price Gouging

The concept of price gouging laws is the governments idea to keep prices at a reasonable rate.  Sounds fair right?  Works perfectly fine in normal, undisturbed every-day life.  But, when fear is imposed and panic sets in, everyone mass purchases, leaving the shelves empty.  When you think about the principle of these laws, they are actually anti-free market.  It’s perfectly fine for EpiPens to cost hundreds of dollars due to their “rarity” and specialty use, but its not perfectly fine for other items?  Why not just impose price restrictions on ALL healthcare products?  It’s simple.  If price gouging laws were imposed on healthcare products, they would be even more hard to get.  They would be always be sold out, everywhere.   Even harder to get than they are now.  In reality, the government knows this, that’s why price gouging laws aren’t applied to healthcare goods.  In times of panic and hyped crisis, healthcare products would sell out and be all bought up by a few people; instead of being more expense but available to more people.  So, we see that price gouging laws actually harm free markets in times of hyped crisis.   And, price gouging laws are a direct government action.  Thus, it is this government action that makes goods and services more scares in times of crisis.


Then there is the mass printing of invisible paper money.  It is important to point out that the national debt is at $-23,611,449,800,000 dollars as of the writing of this article.  That is a $72,989 debt per citizen, and a $190,529 debt per tax payer [8].  With that in mind, the most massive government “bailout” in human history was recently passed.  A staggering $2,000,000,000,000.00 payment, of FUTURE tax dollars, to various entities in the United States.  With a cute little “cash payment” directly to tax payers.  Sounds nice right?  Well, the cash payment only makes up less than 12%, maybe, of that massive dump.  So who is getting all the rest of the money?  Let’s not forget, right before this bailout was passed, 800 BILLION was given to the banks already.   So, again, who is getting all this money?

Government-Corporate Sponsorship

Well, big corporations are holding their hands out to receive TAX PAYER money.  The airline industry is one of them that will win big.  The most ANTI-FREE MARKET move.  See, in a true free market, crappy companies are suppose to fail, go through the bankruptcy process, and get purchased by more better managed companies.  They don’t really disappear, they just have a chance to greatly improve via new management.  The airline industry is so poorly managed, they essentially live paycheck to paycheck despite their modern usefulness.  Instead of letting these poorly managed companies fail and be bought out by potentially better management, the government bails them out, and keeps them afloat with tax dollars.  If all the major airlines companies failed, do you really think suddenly air travel would become extinct?!  Of course not!  Another company would take over, buy all their planes, and continue serving the modern world.  They received a government bail out in 2001, an 18.6 BILLION tax dollar bailout.  Here they are, again, demanding another bailout.  This time, they are getting a 46 BILLION tax dollar bailout!  Then Businesses of all sizes, many of which are facing the prospect of bankruptcy, will be able to participate in the different bailout programs [9].  THE GOVERNMENT forced them to close, imposed customer limitations to their services, leading them to bankruptcy, and is now offering tax payer money in the form of government loans and grants.   Less than 12% goes to We The People, and the rest goes to mostly major corporations.  What a scam.


The hyped coverage and actions imposed by Statists and governments influenced the easily weak impressionable minds of the people.  This lead to a greater fear and panic.  Then, through more government action, the situation is made even worse, not better, which will have a lasting impact on the economy.  But, economy aside, the rights of the people are more greatly eroded.  Constitutional rights that were meant to LIMIT the government have been largely ignored.  The indoctrinated people have bought into this “for the common good” idea and have proven to be willing to accept a “peaceful slavery” over a “dangerous freedom.”  A new American precedent that will be remembered by the government, and I promise you, will be used again in the future.


Only about 25-33% of the colonist were for the Revolution in 1774, while the same amount were actually loyalists to the British empire.  1/3rd of the people took the fight to the government while 66% did not.  1/3rd of the people fought and won freedom for the rest of the people.  Now, maybe, 5% of the people are willing to do the same.

The loyalist and “peacefully compliant” colonist were comfortable with being told what they could and could not do from their government.  They obeyed to keep the peace and to keep their daily life normal.  Are we to suddenly allow what the Patriots fought and died fighting, slowly vanish?

Again, Thomas Jefferson said “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

Benjamin Franklin said “Any society that will give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both


  • The government has ordered the closure of private businesses.
  • The government has assumed authority to decided what sort of business is essential or not.
  • The government has assumed authority to tell the people what they can and can’t do, where they can and can’t go.  How they can and can’t assemble.
  • The government is dishing out the future tax dollars of your children to mostly big business and major corporations, and only giving a very small portion, of your own tax dollars, back to you so you can survive during THEIR manufactured crisis.
  • The government IS “prohibiting the free exercise [of religion].
  • The government IS prohibiting “the right of the people peacefully to assumable.
  • The people are indoctrinated with fear and panic, willing to accept obedience to a authoritarian, totalitarian, government under the vale of “the common good”.

We have failed defending what Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin fought for.  Don’t worry, your 2nd Amendment rights are next…

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