POTR, Book of Common Order

We are moving toward being more than an online media presence and establishing an unofficial social, fraternal, religious, and political organization for Americans.

We are developing our organizational structure, missions, values, By Laws, and memberships with the goals of having Chapters nationwide.

All the Chapters and the organization itself will be governed by the Book of Common Order and will contain the identity of the organization based on the Inherent Rights, mission, and values.


A simple look at current events in recent cultural and societal history shows a ever growing need for defending LIFE and FREEDOM against an ever growing culture of governmental control and oppression where these natural rights are becoming more and more regulated, controlled, and limited by those who have no right to do so.

We must remember what history has taught us and acknowledge the human nature that exists in us.  Slavery was legal, and unjustly, “justified” by governments and courts.  Millions of innocent people have been murdered by governments with the support of courts, justified by the morally corrupted majority whom legally voted for the oppression.  The government, legally, removed their ability to defend themselves.  The Native Americans who fought for their way of life and freedom to do so were murdered and oppressed, legally, by the government and the majority who supported it and removed their right to defend themselves.  Japanese interment camps were established and forced Japanese Americans to relocate, “justified” by the government and supported by the majority.  Not to far in recent history we had the legal and “justified” Jim Crow laws and the concept of Separate but Equal supreme court ruling.  All of which were legal and supported by the government and the courts.

Now, we see the same exact patterns growing in the government today.  Out right attempts to limit Americans from defending themselves, justified by those in power.  The arguments for a greater federal control over the lives of all Americans, legally giving greater power to those who have a less favorable view of individual liberty for the sake of “the common good”.  Religious persons who want to exorcise their religious conscience forced by the government and the courts to violate that which they believe.  The growing “acceptable” censorship of free thought and free speech of certain political ideologies in the public realm and by an ever growing monopoly of corporations.

Below are just a few examples of this growing acceptable oppression in America.  Again, it is not a matter of whether or not you agree.  Agreement or disagreement does not define our unalienable rights.  If it were to, we would be at the mercy of a moral majority in power.  And we all know where that goes.

  1. The NFL [link], Facebook [link], Twitter [link], and YouTube [link], all who openly target and censor free thought and free speech of certain ideologies with purposefully vague polices.
  2. The Supreme Court and a Cake Baker who was forced to violate his own faith [link] and the gradual expansion of limitations to the freedom of religion [link]
  3. Conservative Speakers attacked on public college campuses [link] such as Ann Coulter [link], Charles Murray [link], and Ben Shapiro [link] and The American Enterprise Club at Middlebury College [link] and on campuses such as Berkeley [link]. Even certain political commontators and journalist are openly targeted at their house, such as Tucker Carlson [link]
  4. The attack on people by groups like Antifa, who are supported by governmental officials [link] [link] like the Chris Cuomo of New York [link] and others like CNN journalist Don Lemon [link]
  5. People who openly support President Trump who are assaulted and attacked in public [link][link][link].
  6. The IRS targeting certain groups because of their political ideology and association with the key words “Tea Party”, “Patriots” and “9/22 Project”[link][link].
  7. Openly and acceptable racial prejudice is more and more common and “normal” or “justified” by people such as Journalist Don Lemon [link] and New York Times writer Sarah Jeong [link] while certain praised politicians receive a pass for their racism such as Hillary Clinton and Sen. Joe Donnelly [link][link].
  8. Abortion up till birth is proclaimed by politicians [link][link] and the assisted suicide of the elderly as well [link]
  9. Growing limitations of free speech [link] with the use of “approved free speech zones” [link] and “safe spaces” [link] at colleges [link].
  10. The increased suppression of the right to bear arms and protect yourself is being taken away, the Red Flaw Laws which are meant to prevent murder, lead to a killing by Police in Maryland [link][link].  Even giving government authority to search your social media for them to determine if you can exorcise your right to bear arms [link].

With just these few examples above we see a growing trend of greater limitations, suppression, and oppression of rights that should not and can not be defined or limited by the government or ‘moral majority’ in power.

THIS is WHY we are taking a stand!  Even ordinary people, through gradual influence of propaganda, fail to see what is really going on until it is too late [link].  Americans even heard of the atrocities by Nazi Germany but those in power were slow to take a stand and fight for the MILLIONS of Jews, family members of Americans even, who were murdered.  The protest FOR the Jewish people even “died down within a few months” in 1933 [link].  All because Americans, willfully or ignorantly, ignored the signs.

Something to Consider:

A good article details the Nazi gradual progressive hate prior the concentration camps.  The Nazis boycotted Jewish businesses, censored Jewish literature.  The German government even amended their constitution and added an “emergency clause” to justify governmental authority over citizens rights.   Essentially he same justification the American government used for the Japanese Internment Camps, supported by the U.S. Supreme Court (Korematsu v. United States).  The Nazis believed their ideology was superior to all other ideologies.  That is essentially the same thought going on now with in Progressive Socialist Social Justice circles.  The Nazis viewed the mental ill and physically handicap as less than useful to society (Eugenics, serialization, and assisted suicide).  The founder of Planned Parenthood believed the same thing, and it is still being practiced today in America and targets minories and the poor; convincing them to they are not ready for offspring, even telling them that their child is not even human.  The Nazis pushed hate-mongering propaganda and social ostracizing demonstrations.  Extremely similar tactics used today to vilify conservatives and invoked by groups like Antifa (irony).  Nazis forced out Jews from civil service jobs.  Similar to conservative teachers and federal employees who must keep their views to themselves or face being fired.  An unashamed outspoken religious politician has no chance of being elected nationally.   Nazism continually segregated the Jews from society between 1937 and 1939.  Christians for example are forced to accept views that are contrary to their faith or face vilification and reprisal from employment, school, and businesses (see example above).  Nazis then encouraged and supported “Night of Broken Glass” where Jewish persons and businesses were attacked; exactly what Antifa is doing now with a silent or open support by officials (see examples above).  Nazism was not only supported by the government and the courts, but even supported by “scientists” [link].  There are even holocaust deniers in America, in recent history such as Harry Elmer Barnes, David Hoggan, Arthur Butz, Austin App, and even the Institute for Historical Review.  And this is just a quick look at socialist fascism.  A study of Socialist Communism paints the same picture.

And YES the Nazi’s were socialists. 

Their actual name coined in 1920 was “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”.  Anton Drexler created the party in 1919 and made it clear that unlike Marxists the party supported the middle-class and that its socialist policy was meant to give social welfare to German citizens. The Party advocated the belief of profit-sharing and that Germany should become a unified “people’s community” (Spector, Robert, World Without Civilization: Mass Murder and the Holocaust, History, and Analysis (University of America Press, 2004), p. 137.).  The definition of Socialism is “a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”; thus, by their own definition and goals, with the forceful exclusion of certain people groups, were socialist.