The Coronavirus

With the politicians and media outlets constantly pushing news updates on the Coronavirus, we all by now are aware of it, but what is it, how dangerous is it, and why the hype?

First of all, the death rate for ages 1-49 is less than the annual flu.  The low is around 12,000 deaths and the high is around 56,000 deaths, annually, from the annual flu.  It hit 80,000 in 2018 [1].  How many has the Coronavirus killed?  3,494… world wide [3].  With 102,228 confirmed cases, and 3,494 confirmed deaths, we can calculate a death rate of  0.034 or 3.4%  Seems high, but when you look at the age groups effected you see that most of the confirmed cases were elderly which are also the higher confirmed deaths.  The death rate for SARS and MERS was far greater, 10%, and 34% [6].  Here is another important fact about the Coronavirus and its death rate.  80 percent of those who died have been over the age of 60, and of those 75 percent had pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes [6].  Compared to Ebola that killed perfectly healthy people, this flu like virus hits harder those who are already weak.  How if we put it in perspective, each year an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people die in the world due to complications from seasonal influenza viruses.  That’s EACH YEAR.

You can start to notice some hype.  News outlets compare it to Ebola and and AIDS, when, in fact, it is just a mutated flu virus [4].   And all these fancy websites are set up to ‘track’ it like some sort of massive pandemic about to bring about the end of the world [5].  The media has hitting on this 24/7.  If there is negative news relate to this virus, they do news alerts, blow all the horns and whistles and talk about it non stop.  You have liberal states and cities quick to declare national emergencies for ONE confirmed case.  I guess all their homeless spreading all kinds of disease as they shit in the streets and leave heroin needles on the ground everywhere isn’t a big deal.

Why would anyone want to politicize The Coronavirus?

For the same reason why they politicize children, victims, homeless, and every other vulnerable population and exploit tragic events; the make a political opponent look bad.

The criticism of The President after his press conference was interesting.  He is acting in his official capacity and meeting with experts to formulate a federal response.  And before any sort of implication or visual result, he is already attacked.   Now, this is not an enforcement for any one party or person.   We have our serious disagreements with him too, but we are also fair, rational, logical, and call out hypocrisy no matter where it is.

The truth is, The Federal government shouldn’t have this much power in the first place to control our daily lives.  If I don’t want to get sick, ill wear a mask, wash my hands, and avoid public places; until it dies down.  If I get sick, ill follow all proper medical advice, quarantine myself, stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and keep my fever down.  I shouldn’t depend on the government to tell me what I should and should not do.  Mommy Daddy government in a forced healthcare state is never a good thing.  Communist China couldn’t even stop it from spreading.

Suddenly all the anti-borders, pro-immigration folks are perfectly fine with China sealing off their borders.  You can’t be anymore anti-immigration than the actions that China took.  Not a word from them.  Why?  Because they politicize immigration and all the immigrants to make a party and a president look bad.  They DGAF about immigrants because they aren’t all up and arms about China…

Don’t By Into The Hype

As we see, investors are weak-minded sissies who bought into the scary hype.  They acted like Apple and Microsoft wouldn’t recover…  The worlds biggest tech companies wouldn’t survive a dip in production… so like weak minded hopeless sissies do, they sell off.  Thus, the major dips in the stockmarket.

Then we have the media constantly beating the horrors of the flu into our heads and some how tying it into how poor the president is doing at containing the situation… COMMUNIST CHINA COULDN’T CONTAIN IT.  Stfu MSNBC, CNN, even Fox.  When you’re in a public place and you see this propaganda on the tv, change the channel.

The virus will die out.

The economy WILL recover.

The human race will go on.

You just may want to invest in companies that diversify their labor factories in more than just one country.  Mexico and India are good alternatives to China alone… just a thought.

But this sissy knee jerk reaction to something that takes place annually needs to stop.  Confront the fearmongers and shut up their pathetic attempts to control the weak.