The Founding Fathers Did “Worse” And More “Violence”

WTF is wrong with the “patriots” of today?! “Follow the rule of law” oh ya? Like all the laws that oppress? Did the Patriots of the Revolutionary War follow the rule of law?! Did the founders of America follow their current rule of law?! “Condemn these acts of violence” oh ya? Like the violent acts of our Founding Fathers, you know, killing and burning the government of their day? With mass censorship and all kinds of illegal unconstitutional violations, WITH the court system utterly failing… what is the modern patriot’s response; vote harder? WTF is wrong with you pathetic fake false patriots?!

EVERY SINGLE TIME someone condemns the storming of the capital building, they are ALSO condemning the actions of the Founding Fathers of America AND every single REAL patriot during the revolution. The founding fathers and patriots of the revolution KILLED the police and government officers of their time! They WENT TO WAR for less reasons! They burned government buildings. They rioted against government actions. After years of peaceful petitions and protests, the system they were under, failed them. So, they went to war! YOUR F*CKING WELCOME.

Now, we live under a government that deems its people “nonessential” and then orders them to close their business and ending their ability to make a living. Their government forbids them from worshiping. The government imposes taxes WAY HIGHER than what the founding fathers would even fathom. Reading the court records of the election challenges, the election system is broken, and the courts refuse to anything about it. The supreme court even avoids it. The court system has failed. The police arrest people gathering to worship, and raid homes, violating the 2nd Amended and Due Process because of Red Flag laws, that the courts find lawful, yet, clearly in direct violation of constitutional rights. The ATF enacts regulations that violate constitutional rights, and these people aren’t even elected officials, and their regulations aren’t even laws. Police are militarized and kill people, act as judge and jury, and get away with it with “qualified immunity.” They murder a protester in the capital, and no investigation is considered. Yet, when one of their own is killed, omg it is going to be investigated and every single protester will be severely punished. And God for bid you exercise your free speech on Facebook, Google, and Twitter; you get punished there too AND THE GOVERNMENT WON’T FIGHT THAT EITHER.

THIS IS WHAT “PATRIOTS” OF TODAY DEFEND. “Back the Blue”?! Back the arm of the government that is used to enforce all these rights violations!

And what have all those peaceful protests done over the past decade? Not a damn thing. In fact, over the past decade there has never been such an infringement on constitutional rights since slavery and Jim Crow laws.

And what has voting done? Ya? What happen in November 2020? Did you not vote hard enough or something? See, even voting has failed.

Oh, but you can just take it to court? Ya? How’d that work out?

So, what, you just going to repeat it all again in the hopes it will work this time and fix itself? Vote harder next time, sue harder next time, protest more peacefully next time?! This is proof, you have become irrelevant, useless, and pathetic.

The founding fathers would have tried everything you’ve tried. Then, when they were at the point of uselessness and failure, they escalated in their efforts. They eventually, dare I say it, turned toward righteous violence, which, given all the reasons above, is justified. What’s your sad excuse?

What are you going to tell your children and grandchildren when they have less and less rights? “Sorry honey, we tried peacefully, and failed.” And that’s it? You gave up because you were too cowardly to become righteously aggressive against oppression? You going to fall back on “Well, at least we remained lawful.” THANK GOD not all slaves and oppressed African American’s remained lawful. THANK GOD they broke unjust laws and become more aggressive against government oppression. What’s your pathetic excuse?

The Boston Massacre, when the government killed its citizens (colonialists). Did you ever wonder what the protesters were doing? They were aggressively protesting. They were throwing rocks and things at the government troops. They were yelling and violently protesting the governments oppression. Then, the government shot and killed protesters… kinda like the what happened at the Capital when the Air Force Veteran was murdered by capital police. She was unarmed! She closer resembled the patriots than you do, sitting on your couch, eating Cheetos taking shit about those who actually took action.

Before there was even war declared or any sort of formal organizing, there were REAL Patriots who grouped together to form militias. Groups, completely not connected to the formal government military. Just a group of small business owners and farmers coming together, ready, to defend themselves and their property from government intrusion and oppression. What are you doing? Posting on Facebook and tweeting? STFU.

To the government of that day, these people, the REAL Patriots and local militias were “domestic terrorists” and even colonialists who were loyal to the government of that day, condemned them. Sound familiar? Is that you? Are you a statist loyalist? Are you a modern day Red Coat loyalist?

You should read Patrick Henry‘s “If this be treason, make the most of it!” speech. Is Patrick Henry a hero or a radical you condemn? Read Patrick Henry‘s “Give me liberty or give me death” speech, do you believe the freedom and liberty is worth more than your comfortable safe slavery?

On June 9, 1772, a local vessel out of Newport was under way to Providence when its captain baited the HMS Gaspee and led Duddington into shallow waters near Warwick. The Gaspee ran aground at a place that is now known as Gaspee Point. News of the grounding quickly reached Providence and a party of fifty-five, led by a man named John Brown, planned an attack on the ship. The following evening they surrounded and boarded the Gaspee, wounding Duddington and capturing the entire crew. All were hauled ashore and abandoned, to watch as the Gaspee was looted and then burned.

Let us never forget the Boston Tea Party. Is that something you condemn too?

Don’t call yourself a “Patriot” if you condemn the actions of REAL PATRIOTS. Shut up and take a seat, peasant.

Take notes from the Founding Fathers, Patriots of the American Revolution, and Civil Rights movement: You know, that time the Black Panther’s stormed a state capital building, armed. It’s sad, when the Black Panther Party is more of a Patriot than all those who claim to be patriotic condemn the same action of the founders of America.

What should you do?

Think about who of your closest friends and family members share the same views as the Founding Fathers and Patriots of the Revolution. Talk to them, in person, quietly, about uniting as a small militia.

Purchase burner phones. Use encrypted messaging apps. Pull cash out and store it. Start stocking up on essential goods. Come up with an local “alert system.” Be ready to pool money together to pay for legal fees. Heck, even make your unofficial militia a formal “Gun Club” or social club. So that, next time there is a gathering of potential REAL patriots, you can participate and network. Inject yourself in your local party meetings, town halls, city counsel meetings; be an influence and voice locally. The heart of the fight, is local.

Or just sit there, tweet, be irrelevant, and be a economically and system enslaved peasant, dependent on your pathetic $600 stim check from your master because your government deemed you nonessential.

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