The Freedom in The UK is an Illusion

evansalfie_042618gnFrom BIRTH, you don’t have the right to life.  The government, instead of protecting your ultimate right to live, gives someone else with sometimes more selfish ambitions the choice over your life [2].  THEN, if you are allowed to be birthed and as you grow up in a violent crime ridden society such as London, the government forbids you from being able to protect yourself and your family.  They are even looking at Knife Control! [1] Sounds like a joke but it is not.  We wont even talk about the taxes.  At work, in school, in the courts, you are extremely limited and even censored on what you can do and say about your religion [3].  And now, the proof of this illusionary freedom is that you do not have the final say in your health.

The media wont get into the details of the Alfie Evans hospital case [4].  The facts are this;  the doctors said he is going to die so they wanted to take him off life support.  His parents said he will live and did not want to take him off life support.  They went to the court and the high and mighty UK court decided that the child is going to die and ordered the hospital to remove life support.  Italy, offered to care for the child in their country and grant citizenship.  But, with another high and mighty decision, the court restricted the ‘dying’ child’s ability to travel.  Another doctor that had actually met with the family and seen the child says that the UK doctors have miss diagnosed him.  At the time of the writing of this article, the child has been surviving and breathing on his own for 3 days.  BUT the UK really wants this child to die to validate their immoral decisions, they stopped feeding the child stating that he is dying… NO KIDDING!  Its called starvation!  The child has been handed down a death sentence, held captive, and now being starved… sounds like freedom in the UK…

THEN, while this child is being starved to death by the government; the police posted on social media they will start cracking down on “any offenses, including malicious communications and threatening behavior”  online through social media… WAIT WHAT?  The government is committing the offense of murder and threatening the life of this child but GOD FOR BID the people strongly speak out against it on facebook!  More top notch UK freedom…

This IS the direction America is going.  The people of the UK are just numb to it.  They are content with the government being their parents.  They are unwilling to risk protesting and actively resisting their Mommy Daddy government.  They may voice their dissatisfied opinions but they are too scared to actively resist terrible acts of their own government like to hold a sick child captive to be starved to death.  They are TOLD this is health care and to sit down and shut up… and they do.  Their ‘freedom’ is just an illusion. These are the foot steps America is following.

Let me get this straight.  NO GOVERNMENT (Government run hospital) will hold my child captive and starve them.  I WILL protect my family at all cost, even at the cost of my own life.  And in this situation, with the life of my child on the line, my life is worth less.  My children will be free or they will see me fight for their freedom;  either way, they will know freedom.  GOVERNMENT does not OWN you, stop living like it.  Stop allowing it.

Our heart goes out to the parents of Alfie Evans.  Get that child to a real hospital!  FIGHT FOR HIS LIFE!


*UPDATE* Alfie Evans passed away at 0230 28 April 2018.  The Court, Children’s Hospital staff in Liverpool, and the security that assisted in his death by withhold food and water after 22 hours of living off of life support, and preventing him from leaving to receive other treatment that could have helped him; should be held accountable.  Essentially, the UK Government and system starved and dehydrated this 23 month old toddler which assisted in his death because he lived without life support.  PLEASE SUPPORT the family of Alfie Evans and NEVER FORGET what the UK Government is willing to do…



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