The Government Shut Down

GOOD!  Every day the government is shut down, America adds LESS TO THE DEBT! But lets be honest.  We all know all those poor people who are completely dependent on mommy daddy government will not be forgotten.  Eventually, like it always does, when the government is reopened; they will be paid back.  The last thing they want are people not to vote for them and their big government policies.  This “shut-down” does reveal something sad about the current American culture.  Their mental slavery to the government.

Notice how all these poor government employees who will miss a paycheck are worried about paying their bills… did they not have a savings?  Do they not have a credit line on any of their credit cards?  Do they have no way to survive without living paycheck to paycheck and completely dependent on the government?  That’s sad.

We see that all the National Park employees really don’t give a shit about the national parks; neither do the Americans who go to them.  The trash cans overflowing.  Where are these nature loving people willing to volunteer to save the earth?!  Apparently, they aren’t any of the national park staff or the nature loving hippies that fill the trash cans but aren’t willing to clean them up.

TSA? What a joke they are.  If they aren’t getting paid, their like “F^@k America, and its safety”  and call into work.  But how many terrorists have they busted sense their creation?  A whopping ZERO.  They are useless anyway.   OH no they aren’t getting paid?! Shucks.  Sounds like we are saving money because they haven’t done anything besides strip search the elderly.

Why the hell are the politicians still getting paid?  WHY IS NO ONE UPSET ABOUT THAT?  They get paid over 170,000 a year!  That’s over 475 dollars A DAY!  There are a total of 535 members of congress.  That’s $253,000 dollars A DAY paid to federal politicians.   If the government is shut down for two weeks, that means we still paid over $3,540,000 to the politicians who aren’t doing their job… and YOU, We The People, are okay with that?!  Most of these nitwits are millionaires anyway…

Rand Paul publishes are report on wasteful government spending and he found over 1 BILLION in wasted spending… Does this sound like we need to keep this government open and continually spending money IT DOESN’T HAVE?

Is a “government shut down” really that bad?  Well, if you depend on mommy daddy government, than yes, yes it is.  But, if you are free and a financially responsible adult, than this “shut down” has no effect besides revealing how little you need government in the first place.

So please, keep the government shut down.  Find a non federal job.  Free yourself from the slavery of government.


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